2012 INBF Hercules

2012 INBF Hercules Natural Bodybuilding Contest Team SUF Coaching 3

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Team SUF Shines at the 2012 INBF Hercules: A Milestone Achievement

In the depths of natural bodybuilding history, the 2012 INBF Hercules stands out as a pivotal moment for Team SUF Natural Bodybuilding Coaching. Held in the vibrant city of NYC, this event marked a significant milestone in the team’s journey.

Under the expert guidance of Team SUF Natural Bodybuilding Coaching, our athletes delivered exceptional performances, showcasing their dedication and determination on stage.

Leading the charge was Tyrone Robinson, whose outstanding display earned him 1st place in the Open Bantam Weight Bodybuilding category, securing Team SUF’s first WNBF Pro Card. This achievement underscored the effectiveness of the coaching provided by Team SUF.

Additionally, athletes like Kevin Terrier, Alicia Cusumano, James Schmalfuss, and Leroy Hopkins showcased their talents, demonstrating the depth of Team SUF’s roster.

Behind the scenes, the coaching prowess of Head Coach Ryan Sullivan, Figure Posing Coach Jessica Janicek, Bodybuilding Posing Coach Ryan Sullivan, and Liz Myers ensured that every athlete was primed for success. Their dedication and expertise were instrumental in the team’s stellar performance.

Furthermore, the unwavering support of the backstage Team SUF staff, including Taylor G and Tracie T, added to the seamless execution of the event.

The 2012 INBF Hercules was not just a competition; it was a testament to the commitment, passion, and excellence embodied by Team SUF. As we celebrate this milestone achievement, we look forward to many more triumphs in the future, guided by the unparalleled coaching of Team SUF Natural Bodybuilding Coaching.

Tyrone Robinson – 1st place Open Bantam Weight Bodybuilding – Pro Card Winner

Kevin Terrier – 2nd place Novice Mens Bodybuilding Class C 

Alicia Cusumano – 4th place Novice Figure

James Schmalfuss – 8th place Open Mens Light Heavyweight Bodybuilding

Leroy Hopkins – 11th place Open Lightweight Bodybuilding

Head Coach – Ryan Sullivan

Figure Posing Coach – Jessica Janicek

Bodybuilding Posing Coach – Ryan Sullivan

Liz Myers

Backstage Team SUF staff – Taylor G, Tracie T

Team SUF Natural Bodybuilding Coaching wins its first WNBF Pro Card at the 2012 INBF Hercules

Tyrone Robinson and Coach Ryan Sullivan at the 2012 INBF Hercules Natural Bodybuilding Competition. On this day Team SUF Natural Bodybuilding coaching won its very first WNBF Pro Card. 

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