2014 INBF Autumn Explosion

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2014 INBF Autumn Explosion Natural Bodybuilding results for Team SUF Natural Bodybuilding

This was Team SUF’s first appearance at the INBF Autumn Explosion so we wanted to make a nice statement. We came away with a pro card, and a handful of solid placings across the board.

Alexy Ferreira – 1st Place Men’s Physique – ** WNBF Pro Card

Nora Connolly  – 1st Place Open Figure Short / 3rd place Fit Body

Jeanette Hall – 1st place Open Bikini Short / 2nd place Open Figure Medium

Samantha Murtagh – 3rd Place Open Bikini Short

Rawle Springer – 10th place Pro Men Heavyweight Bodybuilding

Alexy Ferreira WNBF Pro – This was Alexy’s first ever bodybuilding show. That fact alone makes him winning his pro card even more impressive. When he joined the team I knew he had great potential in the Men’s Physique Category. His height, muscular build, and bright smile make for a dangerous combination for the class. At the show he was involved in a very tough battle with the second place competitor. We knew the entire way that it would be a close one. In the end Alexy was crowned the winner and earned his WNBF Pro Card. He also is Team SUF’s first Pro Physique competitor.

Nora Connolly– After the Naturalmania we made a checklist of things that we wanted to do different and improve upon for the Fulton show. I can say with confidence that we achieved all those goals. Nora looked great at her first show, dont get me wrong, but there were small issues that added up. This was not the case at the Fulton show. We made some critical changes to her tan and makeup that helped really highlight her stage presence and display her true beauty. We also made the decision to come down a little in weight to come in a bit tighter. Posing was polished up as well. In the end, the changes and effort paid off. Nora took her class and made her first (of many future) overall appearance. Look for Nora to continue to improve on not only her physique but the entire package that goes into being a champion.
Jeanette Hall  – Jeanette has always been in great shape and I have been trying to get her to compete for years now. This year was finally the year she decided to do it. Jeanette has an incredible physique that can be impressive in both the bikini and figure classes. This is why the decision was made to do a crossover for her first show. This turned out to be a smart move as she finished with solid top placings in both classes. She took 1st place in the Bikini Short and 2nd place in the Figure Medium class. In bikini she took 2nd place in overall and missed the pro card win. I feel that this was a very questionable call and that Jeanette truly deserved the victory. This is by no means to take away from the other competitor, but from my perspective Jeanette had a much better package. Despite coming up short for the pro card, this was still an amazing first showing for this athlete. Look for her to make improvements and finish her season at the NGA Mt Rogers at the end of November.
Samantha Murtagh – Samantha is a new addition to the team, but not new to the stage. She had competed years back and made the decision to return to the stage. She was referred to me by Stage Coach Janet Marsico and I am very happy that she choose Team SUF. When she hit the stage there was no ring rust or indication of her long leave of absence. She looked amazing on stage. Not only her physique, but in the way she presented herself. She was very professional and polished. We had some big plans for Samantha in the 2015 season. Count on her making great improvements in the post season, and then making a serious run at some titles in 2015.

Rawle Springer – I have known Rawle for a few years now. I would always see him working at the INBF NY shows. We eventually started talking and became friends. After seeing the team grow over the years he decided to join TEAM SUF. Rawle was already a pro bodybuilder who was looking for something more in a team. Team SUF was the perfect fit for him. Rawle has struggled in the past with putting on size and weight. This became our focus in the pre season. We were able to get him up to a body weight he has never seen before. unfortunately the timing wasn’t exactly the best, and we didnt have an opportunity to sit on and stay at that weight for long. Prep crept up on us and it was full force into the diet. The added weight had also slightly slowed his once rapid metabolism. It is hard sometimes to control these variables, especially the first time around. For weeks and months we worked to put on the size and weight, and finally we found an approach that worked. But then it was diet time. The diet went well, but we could tell that his body still wanted to go the other way. Regardless, we did what we needed to do to get Rawle in great shape for his show. He looked great, but not his potential best. And in the pro heavyweight class he was in, he needed to be at his best. As a coach, I take the responsibility for that. It is part of the game, everything is a learning experience. We now know the approaches we need to take, the weak spots we must correct, and the time frame we must have. In the end Rawle was one of the great additions to the team in 2014. And although his placing didnt show that at this show, I know that the future is bright for this hard working champion.

Head Coach – Ryan Sullivan

Beauty Coordinator – Alicia Cusumano

Female Posing Instructor – Janet Marsico

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