2015 OCB Cape Cod Classic

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2015 OCB Cape Cod Classic Natural Bodybuilding results for Team SUF Natural Bodybuilding.

In the lead up to the OCB Cape Cod show the nerves and anxiety were definitely running high. This was to be our first real team appearance with the OCB, and at one of their biggest shows. While there were some familiar faces there, we didn’t know any of the promoters or staff for the show. We honestly didn’t know what to expect going in. While this was nerve wrecking, it was also exciting. In the end the OCB Cape Cod Classic was the most amount of fun we have had at a show in a long time. The show was run extremely well and was stress free. We actually had the time and opportunity to enjoy the experience as a team, without having rush around or making all sorts of crazy adjustments. We will be going back next year, without a doubt.

Across the board Team SUF had another great performance at the show. We were able to win an IFPA Figure Pro Card by winning the figure overall. In addition we were able to grab some solid top 3 finishes as well. I can say with confidence that we had a very successful entry into the OCB/IFPA world.

Heather Drake – 1st place Open Figure Class C- ** Overall Winner + IFPA Pro Card Winner  – Heather and I made the decision to go into the OCB/IFPA Cape Cod Naturals and have her compete as an amateur. She wanted to earn her IFPA pro status from the ground up. This idea was foreign to many until she explained her intentions and her vision. The idea was the “Respect should be Earned, not given.” Needless to say, Heather earned that respect by winning her class, the overall, and an IFPA Pro Card. She is now a TRUE Dual Federation Figure Pro.

Coleen Smith  –  2nd place Open Figure Class A + 3rd Place Novice Figure Class A  / This was Colleen’s second show of the season. She was coming off a Naturalmania performance where she  did well, but not where we wanted her to be. Her conditioning was a factor at the Naturalmania, but she came in much better for Cape Cod. She worked extremely hard and it showed. She was able to climb the ranks and place 2nd and 3rd in both her classes. She looked great on stage and will continue to make improvements for the remaining two shows she has left; WNBF Autumn Explosion and WNBF Monster Mash.

Leory Hopkins– 3rd Place Open Class A Bodybuilding /  Leroy is a crazy dude. Those on the team know. But aside from all the joking around he really showed up to compete for this show. In past years Leroy’s posing endurance and leg development have haunted him. This year I can honestly say that he has turned the corner. He still has improvements to make, but he is without a doubt on the right track. He worked hard on the posing, and the legs were a focus all year. The end result was Leroy breaking into the top 3. Leroy is more than a client to me, he is a long standing friend. It was great to see him bring it together and make it happen at this show. Even bigger things in 2016.

James Schmalfuss–  6th place Open Class B Bodybuilding /  James fell into a very deep and competitive class. Everyone in the class was thick, round and striated, including James. James displayed an awesome physique, arguably his best to date. I had him in the top 5, but it was a close and brutal class so it could of went either way. Conditioning and physique wise James can hang with the best of them. However, where he gets into trouble sometimes is the posing. In any other class on any other day small mistakes can be over looked, but not in this class, not on this day. Everyone on the stage was extremely polished with the posing.  James has one of the best physiques on the team, moving forward the posing has to be heavily focused on in order for him to reach the top.

Erin Gelinas – 7th Place Pro Figure Class A /  Erin is pretty much a mad woman lol. She had a baby last year and made the decision that she wanted to get right back up on that stage. I supported her journey and thought it was pretty bad ass. However, we were both aware of some of the limitations that may arise with such a decision. Her entire prep went really well. She worked extremely hard in the gym and in the kitchen to piece things together. All while being a new mother. However, one of the biggest obstacles came a few weeks out from the show. She had to have an emergency abdominal surgery. This was definitely a major hiccup in the closing rounds of the prep. In the end Erin looked amazing, and I am grateful to be a part of her journey. We both learned alot of new things about her body. BUT ! This was absolutely no where near Erin’s full potential. Between the pregnancy, trying to recover atrophied muscle, and then jumping on a diet soon after, plus the surgery, I could see that Erin’s body was a bit tired. Anyone’s body would be exhausted at this point. So while the goal of getting back to the stage was accomplished, the next goal is to bring Erin at an undeniable best with a fair shake and reach the awesome potential we know she has.

Head Coach – Ryan Sullivan

Bodybuilding Posing Instructors – Ryan Sullivan SUFEPC™ and  Natalie Benjamin

Figure Posing Instructor –  Jessica Janicek SUFEPC™ (Colleen Smith), Heather Drake, The Figure Workshop (Erin Gelinas)

Airbrush Tan – Glimmer Custom Airbrush Spray Tan (Kristine)

Backstage Support Staff – Shauna K and Jennie Laurent

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