2015 WNBF Autumn Explosion

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2015 WNBF Autumn Explosion Natural Bodybuilding results for Team SUF Natural Bodybuilding.

We always have a good time at the Fulfit shows. Sometimes things are a little hectic, but in the end it is always a good time. Some of the mens classes arent as deep as we would like (which will hopefully change with time), but the female classes have real good turnout numbers.

Maria – 1st place Open Figure Medium- ** Overall Winner + WNBF Pro Card Winner – Maria went pro in bikini at the Naturalmania. The decision was made to come in a little leaner and go for the figure pro card at the Autumn Explosion. She was able to win her class and the overall.

Mark Hermann  –  2nd place Mens Physique / When I think of the worst calls I have ever been handed, this is right up at the top with when Josh Walker got robbed at the NGA MT Rogers in 2014. This to me and nearly everyone else was a clear win and pro card victory for Mark. There was not a single perspective or argument to made for him being 2nd place. I was honestly fuming after this call. But this is how things go in the sport, and you just have to move on to the next one. On a positive note, Mark had a great first showing and will be a critical component to TEAM SUF moving forward.

Colleen Smith– 3rd place Open Figure Short / 5th Place Fit Body  – This was Colleens 3rd show of the season and each time she made certain tweaks to better her performance. She continues to get more and more confident with the posing and stage presence. Colleen will next go for the record and compete in her 4th show of the season on 11/7 at the WNBF Monster Mash.

Elizabeth Myers– 4th place Open Figure Short / 4th Place Fit Body  – It was great to have Liz back in the mix of things. She did great in the Spring at the NEC and the Hercules. Coming into the Autumn explosion we had an even better physique and much better posing. However, she ran into some issues with one single pose…the rear relaxed. The lats were hard to get out and it ended up costing her. The positive is that everything besides that one pose Liz is top tier. In the off season she is going to work extra hard to develop the mind muscle connection to nail the back pose. Once that is done, it going to be hard to stop her. Looking forward to 2016 for her.

Jennifer Smith – 2nd Place Open Figure Short  / 3rd Place Fit Body – The Autumn explosion was Jen’s night to shine. She came in a little more conditioned than naturalmania so the decision was to have her cross over into fit body as well as figure. It was great to see her have such a great time with the new poses. She was also able to change her suits which was important to her lol. Jen brought the noise in both classes and finished with 2nd and 3rd place finishes. Some even had her in the 1st and 2nd place spots. She has a great momentum going and has proven to be a great addition to Team SUF.

Leroy Hopkins– 1st Place Mens Lightweight Bodybuilding – Leroy was coming off a solid 3rd place finish at the OCB Cape Cod classic and looked to ride that momentum right into the Autumn explosion. He easily took his class which was on low end in terms of numbers and talent, but it was great to see him in the overall posedown. He did not win the overall, but it was still a productive and fun day for Leroy. He is a solid team player and helps to liven the mood. However, looking back his highlight of the season was the OCB show. The 3rd place finish in a stacked class trumps a 1st place in an easy class. Leroy has definitely found a rhythm now after a few seasons and has his eyes set on 2016.

Head Coach – Ryan Sullivan

Bodybuilding and Physique Posing Instructors – Ryan Sullivan SUFEPC™

Figure Posing Instructor –  Jessica Janicek SUFEPC™ and Heather Drake

Airbrush Tan – Glimmer Custom Airbrush Spray Tan (Kristine)

Beauty Coordinator – Alicia Cusumano

Backstage Support Staff – Shauna K, Samantha M, Dan M, Leo G, Jessica Janicek

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