2015 WNBF Monster Mash

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2015 WNBF Monster Mash Natural Bodybuilding results for Team SUF Natural Bodybuilding.

This was TEAM SUF’s first team showing at the Monster Mash. I competed solo in 2014 to test the waters for the team. I liked the level of competition and the environment so I made the choice to add it to the 2015 calendar. All in all it was a great time. There were some calls that made me cringe, but I wont let that ruin an overall great experience. We brought a great staff that helped make everything run super smooth. As a team, I can say that on this day we fired on all cylinders. The staff for the day impressed me almost as much as the competitors.

Heather Drake – 1st place Fit Body Tall- ** Overall Winner + WNBF Pro Card Winner  – The 2015 season for Heather was all about mixing things up. Coming off a solid overall win at the OCB show, Heather rode that momentum into Monster Mash. The major twist was that she stepped out of her comfort zone and competed in the Fit Body class. Her conditioning and posing were adjusted and it resulted in Heather winning the overall and becoming a WNBF Fit Body Pro.

Coleen Smith  –  2nd place Fit Body Short / 5th Place Open Figure Short – This was Colleens 4th show of the season. She set the record for most shows in a single season for Team SUF. She too had a solid show at OCB Cape Cod and followed through at Monster Mash. The big achievement was being 1 placing away from a class win in fitbody. Colleen had an amazing season and will improve even more for 2016.

Mark Hermann– 2nd Place Mens Physique / Although Mark is new to the sport, his physique would say otherwise. Mark had a fire lit under him after a very questionable 2nd place call at the Autumn Explosion. However, we knew going into Mash that the competition would be much tougher so nothing was a lock for the top spot. At Mash I personally had him as 1st place again, BUT 2nd was much easier to accept this time around since the level of competition was of much higher caliber. Mark will be working on polishing up the posing in order to bring home that pro card in 2016.

Marc Waterman–  4th place Open Light Heavyweight Bodybuilding / This was one of the tough ones to swallow for the night. I will not get into details, but Marc should of been top 3 at LEAST. 4th place is just something I am not willing to accept for this class and Marc’s performance. On a positive note, Marc is from the UK and this was his first time competing in the United States. He had a great time at the show and with his teammates. It was an awesome experience to have truly be part of such a great team.

Jennifer Smith – 8th Place Fit Body Short  / 11th Place Open Figure Short – And the one that broke the camels back lol. Jen was coming off a 2nd place (figure) and 3rd place (fitbody) showing at the Autumn Explosion. We brought the same if not better package and received last place in both classes. I don’t see how Jen could be 2nd place to the same competitor who then at Monster Mash won the overall, but then Jen takes last place. Did Jen deserve to win ? no, that is not my argument. My problem is for someone who was on such a roll, she didn’t even get a fair look in either class. It was a shame to watch and witness a competitor work so damn hard and not even be given a look. But Jen is NOT a quitter, and she will be back with vengeance in 2016, and Ill be there right behind her.

Jordan James – 7th Place Novice Mens Bodybuilding – (written by Kevint T) Monster Mash was Jordan’s first time on stage. He placed 7th in the novice Mens Bodybuilding. He made a substantial amount of progress leading up to the show, but he knows there is still work to be done. He is working hard on making improvements and is focused on bringing a better package his next time on stage.

Head Coach – Ryan Sullivan

Additional Coaches – Kevin Terrier (Jordan James)

Bodybuilding and Physique Posing Instructors – Ryan Sullivan SUFEPC™

Figure Posing Instructor –  Jessica Janicek SUFEPC™ and Heather Drake

Airbrush Tan – Glimmer Custom Airbrush Spray Tan (Kristine)

Backstage Support Staff – Shauna K, Brittany T, Samantha M, Dan M, Kevin T

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