2015 WNBF Naturalmania

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2015 WNBF Naturalmana Natural Bodybuilding results for Team SUF Natural Bodybuilding.

Going into this years Naturalmania Team SUF had its largest and most competitive team to date. We were targeting this show and it was a main focus throughout the year.

Across the board Team SUF had another great performance at the show. We were able to win two more pro cards, one in Open Bikini and one in Mens Physique. In addition we were able to grab some top 3 finishes as well.  The show was ran super smooth and it was good to see the attendance up from the previous year. The judging was actually one of the highlights of the show for me. Not that I agreed with every placing, because I didn’t, and no one ever will, but the judging seemed very fair and consistent. The competitors were shuffled around alot, and all the necessary comparisons were made. They were thorough yet efficient. That is all any good coach could hope for.

Maria Adamkiewicz– 1st place Open Bikini – Pro Card Winner  / Maria wasn’t supposed to compete until October at the Fulton show, but I felt that she was ready to tackle bikini at the Naturalmania. She was in phenomenal shape and ahead of time so we took the plunge. This paid off as she was able to win her WNBF Bikini pro card. This was a great moment for her as well as Team SUF because it was our 1st ever bikini pro card. Maria now will be locking down the conditioning and making a run for her WNBF Figure Pro card next.

Christian Toic –  1st place Mens Physique – Pro Card Winner / In his first show ever, Christian managed to come into the Naturalmania and win a WNBF Mens Physique Pro Card. From day one he was a natural with the posing which made me very confident with him in this class. He was never nervous and remained poised at all times. You would of never guessed it was his first show. He prepped like a pro, presented like a pro, and therefore became a pro. Christian will be looking to return to the stage in 2016 in the pro ranks.

James Schmalfuss– 3rd place Mens Physique + 5th Place Open Middle Weight Bodybuilding /  This was by far the best and sharpest James has looked during prep and it showed on stage. James was part of two highly competitive classes. In Mens physique he was up against some great athletes but the Middle Weight class was by far the toughest to judge the entire night. We were chasing the pro cards, but it just wasn’t meant to be on this day. That doesn’t take away from the fact that physique displayed was his best to date. James has one more show this season in the OCB where he will make another run for a natual bodybuilding pro card.

Correy Jones– 1st place Open Light Weight Bodybuilding /  After breaking the ice at the Hercules and getting all the nerves out of the way, Correy was ready to do damage at the Naturalmania. He brushed up on his posing and displayed much more confidence on stage. During the lead up to the show we knew that he would most likely be up against the 2nd place competitor from the Hercules overall. We knew this would be a big challenge to over come.  With the added conditioning and improved stage presence, Correy was able to overcome that challenge and win the Open Light Weight class. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough competitors in the class to make it eligible for a pro card. He made the most of the situation and said he would just have to chase it next year.

Callie Grace – 2nd Place Fit Body + 3rd place Open Figure Tall / One of the head Junkyard Dogs ! Callie in her fist show decided to cross over into two classes. This is always a major challenge for a first timer, but she handled it very well. Both of her classes were highly competitive and she was able to walk away with a 2nd and 3rd place finish. She is an extremely hard worker with a great competitive edge. She will be looking to make some improvements in the offseason and will be back in the mix for 2016.

Jennifer Smith – 3rd place Open Figure Short / Team SUF has seen Jen compete over the years, and was finally lucky enough to have her join the team. We did alot of things different with Jen this time and were very pleased at the outcome. She stepped on stage at her leanest and FULLEST. The package she brought to the stage was absolutely phenomenal. It was great to see her at this level. Not to take away from her previous shows, but this was obviously a new and improved Jennifer Smith. It was a pleasure to watch her up there. In the end she was able to hit top 3. Now the goal is to come in even leaner for Fulton and Monster Mash. Shes not done, so keep an eye out.

Colleen Smith – 4th place Fitbody + 5th Place Open Figure Short  / Colleen made significant improvements during her offseason. Throughout the prep we became aware that there was considerable more muscle mass on her frame compared to 2014. The decision was also made to cross her over into fit body. The fit body class is a perfect fit for her due to her compact size and newly found muscle. The only downside was that we ran into some conditioning issues. Prep was a little more difficult this time around, and the conditioning was taking a little longer to come in. However, the drastic improvements to her posing helped to offset some of this. In the end she took 4th and 5th in her classes. I had her at 3rd and 4th, but that is the name of the game sometimes. Her focus is now on Fulton and Monster Mash where she will be working extra hard to bring out the conditioning in order to go with all her new muscle and new posing.

Andrea Iaconetti  – 5th place Novice Figure / This too was Andrea’s first show and she worked very hard to get to the stage. In order to break the ice we decided to place her in the Novice Figure Class. Andrea presented herself well on stage but we ran into some conditioning problems which hurt us in the long run. We will be working extra hard to correct these issues before the Fulton show.

Jenna Zemering –  3rd place Open Bikini / (Written by Coach Kevni Terrier) /Naturalmania was Jennas first show. She was focused and on point during her entire prep, so it was no surprise that she handled herself well on showday. From last minute adjustments backstage, to stepping on stage for the first time she never let her nerves get the best of her. Jenna is going take the off season to make some improvements all across the board for next season.

Head Coach – Ryan Sullivan

Additional Coaches – Kevin Terrier (Jenna Z)

Beauty Coordinator – Alicia Cusumano

Bodybuilding Posing Instructors – Ryan Sullivan SUFEPC™ and  Natalie Benjamin

Mens Physique Posing Instructor – Ryan Sullivan SUFEPC™

Bikini Posing Instructor- Shauna Koehler SUFEPC™

Figure Posing Instructor –  Jessica Janicek SUFEPC™

Airbrush Tan – Glimmer Custom Airbrush Spray Tan (Kristine)

Backstage Support Staff – Kevin T, Samantha M, and Britany T

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