2016 WNBF Monster Mash Pro

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2016 WNBF Monster Mash Pro Natural Bodybuilding results for Team SUF Natural Bodybuilding.

The entire year was building up to this very point. This was the first time the the BIG 3 would assembled into their pro classes and hit the same show. This would also set the tone, and give us a good idea of how would we fair at the WNBF World Championships.

Going in were we nervous but confident. The highs of the amateur show the day before gave us some momentum as well. When the day was done…. Sophie won Pro Fitbody. Leigha won Pro bikini. But the real shocker was Heather taking 3rd in her class in figure.

Sophie had a great weekend, but we had some issues that kept her from being 100%. We still managed to get the win, and thats all that mattered. She was now 5-0, in her quest to go undefeated in 2016. We made some adjustments and began to focus on the big day… The Worlds.

Leigha was absolutely flawless and was now firing all cylinders; physique wise and presentation wise. Leaving Mash we knew if we could duplicate this look and performance, she would be hard to beat at Worlds. 

The placing that took some air out of our sails was Heather’s 3rd place. There was not 1 major flaw, but instead death by 1000 wounds. Little things that we both as a unit over looked opened the door for the other competitors. In addition, the things that began to hurt her, were strengths of the top 2 athletes. So the class became a statistical match-up nightmare for us. This show will serve as a turning point in my coaching career as it truly opened my eyes to the complexities and the numbers behind the judging process. 

In the end it was a crushing blow to all of us. However, we made a promise to ourselves to get to the bottom of the things, make the changes needed, and bounce back better than ever for the Worlds. Making changes at this point was the easier task, it was the mental game of feeling vulnerable that would be the more difficult challenge. A true champion should be measured with how they bounce back from defeat. We knew Worlds would be our “Last Dance” for a long time, so we were determined to make it special. 

Location: Rodando Beach, CA

Team SUF comes hits the WNBF Worlds strong with 2 more world titles, an overall win, and other top placings.

Leigha Hervey – 1st place Pro Bikini 

Sophie Browne– 1st place Pro Fit Body 

Heather Drake – 3rd place Pro Figure Tall

Head Coach – Ryan Sullivan

Backstage Support Staff – Shauna K

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