2016 WNBF Naturalmania / Pro Universe Team SUF

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2016 WNBF Naturalmania / Pro Universe Natural Bodybuilding results for Team SUF Natural Bodybuilding.

The Naturalmania / Pro Universe was a show I was looking forward to all season. I was anxious and a little nervous about the team being assembled. I had been working with some of the big names like Leigha and Sophie all year, but this would be our first show together. There were also a mix of new competitors in general, plus new competitors to TEAM SUF, as well as some SUF veterans. Since the start of the 2016 season Naturtalmania was a big target for the team because I felt if we made a big splash it would set the tone for the rest of the fall season. 

Well mission accomplished ! Team SUF put some very impressive numbers on the board at this show. Two Pro wins, 2 pro cards, and some more top 3s. In addition the team had a great time, and critical bonds were formed. Bonds that are going to be required for the long haul of the season. The fall season is off to a great start, and whatever magic happens by the seasons end, its roots were planted here. 

Leigha Hervey – 1st place Pro Bikini

Sophie Browne– 1st place Pro Figure

Jessica Gonzalez– 1st place Fit Body – PRO CARD /  3rd place Open Figure 

Angelina Leis – 1st place Open Bikini – PRO CARD

Courtney McDonald –  2nd place Open Bikini 

Robert Kaminski –  2nd place Mens Physique Short

Robert Garldand –  3rd place Mens Physique Short

Kathryna Gonzalez –  4th place Open Bikini 

Dawn Lynch – 2nd place Master Figure / 5th place Fitbody / 7th Place Open Figure 

Taniya Brandon– 5th place Pro Fit Body 

Josh Walker – 8th place Pro Mens Bodybuilding 

Rawle Springer –  10th place Pro Mens Bodybuilding

Head Coach – Ryan Sullivan

Figure and Bodybuilding Posing Instructor –  Ryan Sullivan SUFEPC™

Bikini Posing Instructor –  Shauna K SUFEPC™ , Leigha Hervey

Backstage Support Staff – Shauna K, Cody Wyer, Mike Francis, Liz M, Leroy H, Kenny J, Yelena B, Dan M, Colleen S, Samantha M, GRANT, EVE.

Beauty Coordinator – Liz Myers

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