2016 WNBF Northeast Classic

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2016 WNBF Northeast Classic Natural Bodybuilding results for Team SUF Natural Bodybuilding.

The WNBF Northeast Classic always brings a ton of great competition. Turnout and talent is always high. So this is a show that we want to be apart of. If we are going to place well, if we are going to win, this is the show that gives more weight to those placings. This was our biggest team assembled for this show, and also marked the debut of the Team SUF force multipliers GRANT and EVE. The show went extremely well and the team had an incredible staff. Going into the show I was a little worried since all the warm up shows this season were all with only 1 competitor. I was concerned that I might of been rusty and the first big one was a very important one. However, once things got going, I got into a groove and the team was firing on all cylinders. The day ended with alot of solid placings and 3 NEW WNBF Pro Cards. .

Jennie Laurent– 2nd place Pro Figure- Jennie was coming off a nice win at the NGA show and came in strong to the NEC. The competition at this years NEC was really deep. She was able to come away with a solid 2nd place in a stacked pro figure class.

Brandon Barrow – 3rd place Pro Men Bodybuilding- This was Brandon’s WNBF pro debut. He looked his absolute best on stage this day. I still stand firm in my assertion that Brandon has a flawless physique and had the best physique on stage. The issues that cause some problems were some of the poses. In a class at stacked and tough as this was, the slightest thing can cost a placing. Brandon is the freak of freaks and will continue to work hard to fix some of the minor mistakes for future shows.

Josh Walker – 6th place Pro Men Bodybuilding – This was Josh’s WNBF pro debut as well and he was very close to landing in the top 5. His muscularity and symmetry carried him very far at this show. Moving forward we are looking to come in a little more conditioned for his fall show. Look for him to do serious damage at the WNBF Naturalmania.

Liz Myers – 1st place Open Figure Short / 1st place Fit Body Short – * Dual Pro Card Winner *Liz This was a record setting night for Team SUF. Liz became the first athlete to ever win two pro cards in the same night. After the OCB show we worked hard to tweak certain poses to bring her to her best. She looked incredible on stage for both classes and was able to bring home 2 pro cards. An amazing and historic accomplishment, especially for one of the tougher shows of the entire season.

Mark Hermann – 1st place Mens Physique Short –  * Pro Card Winner *- After taking 2nd place twice last year, Mark work extremely hard to better his posing and stage presence. The physique was always there, but the posing needed work. Making drastic improvements served him well as he was able to win his WNBF Mens Physique Pro card.

Callie Hendrikson – 4th place Open Figure Tall / 4th Place Fit Body Tall- Callie in my eyes will always be a top contender. Her physique and height looks amazing on stage. Both of her classes were very deep and competitive and we ran into some slight issues with the posing. In two classes that were extremely tough, which produced one overall winner, the slightest misstep will be costly. Callie’s physique and work ethic is unrivaled, with a few tweaks I know she can make it to the top.

Colleen Smith – 3rd place Open Figure Short / 4th Place Fit Body Short – Colleen brought an incredible look to the stage. This was the first time her legs had noticeable separation to them. She continues to improve her physique and posing, now our hope is that the placings will follow suit. Not that her placings are bad, but we are trying to push Colleen to the top. I am confident it will come, if not this show, maybe the next, if not the season, then the next. Either way, she will make it to the top.

Samantha Murtagh – 9th place Open Bikini Class C- Samantha came into the show with an entirely different look. Although the placings didn’t go her way, we became very confident for the next shows of the season. We caught some small mistakes and will work hard to correct them in time for Fulton and the Hercules.

Lindsay Fazio – 8th place Open Figure Tall- Lindsay has a ton of potential but will first need to find her stride. Posing and conditioning need to be improved moving forward. This will be the focus in the coming weeks.

Head Coach – Ryan Sullivan

Figure Posing Instructor –  Ryan Sullivan and Jessica Janicek SUFEPC™ , Jennie Laurent

Backstage Support Staff – Shauna K, Kevin Terrier, Sophie Browne, Taylor Gillette, Alicia Cusumano, GRANT, EVE.

Beauty Coordinator – Alicia Cusumano, Liz Myers

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