2017 INBF Autumn Explsoion + WNBF US Pro Cup

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2017 INBF Autumn Explsoion + WNBF US Pro Cup Natural Bodybuilding results for Team SUF Natural Bodybuilding.

Date: 10/7/2017

Federation: INBF + WNBF

Promoter: Robert Fulton

Location: New Haven, Connecticut

Team SUF comes off a strong showing at the INBF Naturalmania + WNBF Pro Universe and continues to fire on all cylinders at the INBF Autumn Explosion + WNBF US Pro Cup

Stephanie Cain – 1st place Pro Figure

Jorun Morkove – 1st place Pro Womens Bodybuilding

Ishmael Lytle – 2nd place Pro Men’s Bodybuilding

Sara Lieber – 1st place Open Figure Medium

Sara Lieber – 2nd place Open Bikini Medium

James McGonigle – 1st place Open Men’s Light Heavyweight Bodybuilding

Andrea Kowal – 2nd place Open Figure Medium

Andrea Kowal – 3rd place Open Fitbody

Head Coach – Ryan Sullivan

Figure Posing Coach – Ryan Sullivan

Competition Suit Designer – Sara – Shauna

Hair and Makeup – Liz Myers

Backstage Team SUF staff – Shauna, Colleen, Corbin, GRANT, EVE

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