2017 INBF Hercules 3 Pro Cards & 2 Overalls

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2017 INBF Hercules Natural Bodybuilding results for Team SUF Natural Bodybuilding.

The Herc is where the magic happens. After getting off to a slow start this season we were able to turn things around in NY. We all solid numbers on the board and added some sweet wins. Team SUF earned 3 WNBF cards in the same night….again ! We were able to capture  Bodybuilding, Fitbody, and Bikini Pro cards. What is even sweeter is that the team also won 2 overalls…. Bodybuilding and Bikini. At the Hercules that marks Team SUF’s 4th overall bodybuilding title, and 6th total overall win since 2013 (1 figure, 1 bikini). Amazing accomplishments by a group of amazing athletes. 

Malcolm Jackson  – 1st place Open Middleweight Bodybuilding * Overall Winner – WNBF Pro Card

Brianna Brayman – 1st place Bikini Short * Overall Winner – WNBF Pro Card

Taylor Gillette– 1st place Fit Body Tall – WNBF Pro Card 

Keion Benoit – 2nd place Open Heavyweight Bodybuilding 

Taniya Brandon– 2nd place Open Figure Short

Kathryna  Gonzalez– 2nd place Open Bikini Short 

Hannah Spataj– 4th place Open Bikini Short 

Robert Kaminski – 4th place Men’s Physique 

Head Coach – Ryan Sullivan

Physique and Bodybuilding Posing Instructor –  Ryan Sullivan SUFEPC™

Bikini Posing Instructor –  Shauna K SUFEPC™ 

Hair and Makeup – Liz Myers

Backstage Support Staff – Shauna K, Sophie Browne, Kevin Terrier, Josh Walker, Kenny Jefferson, Dan Myers, GRANT, EVE.

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