2017 INBF Natural Connecticut

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2017 INBF Natural Connecticut Natural Bodybuilding results for Team SUF Natural Bodybuilding.

The June Fulton show always gets our momentum going for the spring. We made some tweaks with the NEC crew, but also added some new faces into the mix. The day went well for the team and served as a great warmup to our main target for the spring…the INBF Hercules. 

Keion Benoit – 1st place Open Heavyweight Bodybuilding 

Robert Kaminski – 1st place Men’s Physique Short

Malcolm Jackson – 2nd place Open Middleweight Bodybuilding 

Hannah Spataj– 2nd place Open Bikini Short

Kathryna  Gonzalez– 3rd place Open Bikini Short 

Brianna Bryaman– 5th place Open Bikini Short 

Head Coach – Ryan Sullivan

Physique and Bodybuilding Posing Instructor –  Ryan Sullivan SUFEPC™

Bikini Posing Instructor –  Shauna K SUFEPC™ 

Hair and Makeup – Liz Myers

Backstage Support Staff – Shauna K, Sophie Browne, Kevin Terrier, GRANT, EVE.

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