Allison Ketcham

WNBF Bikini, Masters Bikini Pro

I started with Ryan in June of 2017 after seeing him back stage with his team. He was sweaty and dirty and totally invested in them and their performance. I had never observed this hands on approach in almost 3 years of competing in WNBF and NPC.

I set up a consultation call with Ryan and he was extremely knowledgeable and patient with my questions, we spent about an hour getting to know each other, and the rest is really history.

We established so many goals and achieved so many of them, specifically winning my masters and open bikini pro card and my first pro show in one season. My physique has changed completely and I was able to build muscle like I had not in the past. I am proud of what he has helped me achieve and we continue to work hard.

He is smart, knowledgeable, tough, to the point, caring, supportive and an amazing coach and friend. I couldn’t imagine being with another coach for competing or even just as a lifestyle client.