Allison Parry

WNBF Bikini PRo

Ryan of Sci-Unison Fitness provides unparalleled coaching services to his clients. 

As a multi-sport performance athlete and pro bikini competitor I appreciate Ryans attention to detail in all facets of program development as he utilizes carefully constructed techniques to target key areas of growth and development.

Ryan provides supportive motivation and athlete accountability that compels you to excel. He has developed a carefully crafted winning formula of success, his strategic mentality and experience based opinion is insightful and empowering.

Prior to competitions Ryan assists his athletes with preparing by helping select the perfect suit and by providing both online and in-person posing sessions which are carefully documented for the athletes review.

Peak Week and Show Day with Ryan are absolutely seamless. His plans for the week are well conveyed and every detail is clear, providing daily feedback and making adjustments as necessary. 

On Show Day, Ryan and the entire Sci-Unison Team together provide unprecedented full-service support for all their athletes. From perfecting last minute posing, assistance with tanning products, hair and makeup application and overall client management, every single detail is absolutely perfected for the stage.

Ryan is able to provide thorough analysis of current stage conditions and live updates with the technology resources he has developed to utilize at competitions.

Beyond all of what Ryan provides he has successfully fostered a unified team of athletes compelled by competitive excellence that support one another with mutual motivation toward common goals.