Charlene Muskego

WNBF Bikini Pro

I have been in this fitness industry competing as an athlete since 2015 and I have had a few coaches prior to Ryan. We started our journey together in the fall of 2018 and Ryan is an exceptional and professional coach which brings coaching to a whole new level with his website, posing, and app included. He has an excellent work ethic and understands how serious and dedicated this fitness journey is to me. He matches my effort and more. Which I feel makes me an even better athlete. He brings out the absolute best in me and helps me remain focused. I went through one of the hardest times in my life this year(prep) with the passing of my mother and sister; overcame a hip injury and still placed Top 5 in the World as a Bikini Professional in my class. I know, I wouldn’t have been able to have done it without Shauna and Ryan’s support. I love how Ryan hands me everything on time and sometimes even before, such as my workout plans and macros. I don’t have to always remind him or bug him for anything. It is all well-scheduled and recorded. I had my first in-season with Ryan and his team this year and I felt so taken care of and never experienced a (WNBF Worlds) show like that before. I would highly recommend Ryan to others. I look forward to more shows together and have found the coach that I have been searching for. Thank you, Ryan, Shauna and the SUF team!! :)