Elizabeth Sloan

WNBF Bikini Pro

I joined natural bodybuilding coach Ryan Sullivan and team SUF in July of 2020, about a year prior to my first competition season with the team. I knew after my intake call with Ryan that I had made the right choice. His methods are research-based, hyper-organized, and individualized. The transformation I see and felt in just one year of working with Ryan is absolutely amazing. I felt strong and fed throughout the prep period and the transition from lifestyle to prep was absolutely seamless!

Show-day support is something else entirely. All details are sorted out for each athlete individually. All athletes have their own individualized peak and show day plans so meticulously planned out and supplied ahead of time so that it leaves little room for additional stress. Ryan, Shauna, and the SUF team are with each athlete throughout the day. No athlete left behind! Tanning, posing, suits, makeup, hair, touch-ups, you name it – no detail was neglected. Within 2 shows working with SUF, I earned my WNBF Bikini Pro Card!

Even outside of the competition prep period, Ryan was super responsive and on top of programming. His response time is so quick that I have never felt I needed to chase him for answers, workouts, or macros. When programming changes needed to be made, they were updated immediately. His ARIES program makes all facets of his program super easy! Everything is in one place and updates are immediate.

I am so proud to be part of such a powerhouse team, and I am super excited to continue working with SUF on- and off-competition season.