Emily Bedell

WNBF Fitbody Pro

In 2017 I joined Team SUF after a thoughtful conversation with Ryan Sullivan. We spent time looking at past show pictures of mine, discussing how I prepped for previous shows, and my experience. Our conversation was blunt. He told me his approach to prep and his expectations. He had already been recommended to me; however, his honesty was what sold me. After a short off season we started prep in spring 2018 with plans for several shows that year. As I progressed he recommended a posing session and gave me the option for virtual or in person session. Another SUF teammate said that her posing session was well worth the drive (5 hours for me) and she was right. We spent four to five hours covering figure, fit body, and body building posing for two different federations. His studio was set up with lighting from all directions and video monitoring from multiple angles so I could see what every pose looked like. We worked hard and I was shaking like a leaf and exhausted afterwards. I left with clear expectations on what I needed to work on and practice did not end there. We continued to work virtually. My posing videos were critiqued by him weekly. My feedback was verbal and visual that indicated lines and definition that needed to be fixed. At my first show of the season we arrived when the doors opened. Between tanning, make up, and hair we continued to practice. Even my pre-stage pumping up was guided by my posing and areas that needed more volume in specific poses. While on stage my coach continued to give me feedback. His passion for this team/his athletes and the constant strive for perfection is what separates him from other coaches. I look forward to continuing to work with him as we both know there is always room for improvement and to never settle.