Heather Drake

3x WNBF Figure World Champion

In June 2013, I made my second WNBF Pro Figure appearance at the Nancy Andrews WNBF Pro Northeast show.  I took first place, but little did I know that I was nearly destroyed my health and metabolic functioning.  It was a scary moment and I am still trying to reverse some of the damage that has been done, such as my hormones responsible for reproduction.

It was at that same show that I met a natural bodybuilding coach, Ryan Sullivan.  Clearly by his Sci-Unison Fitness t-shirt I knew that he was a coach of some sort.  Backstage I could see that he was guiding a team as they prepared to take the stage.  His heart and passion showed. It was during transitioning of classes that Ryan and I finally spoke.  Actually met him in passing while I was running in the hall way backstage to grab a rice cake before taking the stage.  Well needless to say, I gained his liking!  We chatted briefly backstage towards the end of the show and we kept in close touch nearly every week thereafter.

Leading into my prep for the November 2013 WNBF Pro World’s, Ryan tailored my macro nutrients and tracked my weekly weigh-ins.  At times he had to chase me down!  But his style is consistent!  He was very encouraging and he made adjustments as he deemed necessary for 12 weeks.  It made my prep a much better experience and our personalities were suited well.  More food, more energy, more sustained muscularity!  That combined with my training methods taught by my coach back home allowed me to bring my best package yet to this show.  Ryan traveled all the way from New York to Massachusetts to be with me backstage by my side, guiding me for the entire show.

His approach was different for me, but his methods are smart!  And I believe him! I knew that in order to trust him I had to be willing to take that leap of faith. My life has changed tremendously since joining Team SUF ! Our work together has yielded 3 WNBF Figure World Championships and 2 Overall Figure World Titles.

Natural Bodybuilding Coach Testimonial