Heather Drake Wins WNBF Figure World Title

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I would like to congratulate Heather Drake on her Figure World Championship win at the 2014 WNBF World Championships. As most may know, she won her class at last years worlds but missed the overall title. The very NEXT day we both began to devise a game plan to bring her to the next level. That is when I knew she would be champion this year. There was no rest or slacking, she was focused and back to work.

What makes the victory for her so much sweeter was the level of competition at this years event. By opening the doors to other federations I can say that the best of the best were on stage yesterday. And in a show of stars, Heather was the Star of Stars.

If you saw her backstage and on stage you would of seen her amazing smile as she made the entire process look effortless. Dont be fooled however. Getting to this point was a grueling and hard journey that started 1 year ago. She is not just a great competitor and gorgeous face, she is a damn ROCK that put in the work every single day of the year.

It gives me great pleasure to say that Heather Drake is the 2014 WNBF Figure Overall World Champion. And even greater pleasure to say that I am her coach and shared the experience with her. We all love you Iron Drake.

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