Ilaria Gurini

Figure / Fitbody Athlete

At the end of last season, I felt the need for personal growth on a sporting level. I looked at the line ups of the wnbf and dfac world championships on Instagram. I looked at the athletes. And all the athletes I liked the most had a common denominator, the same coach: Ryan Sullivan. Almost for fun, convinced she did not reply to this little Italian athlete, I wrote the email to Ryan and he promptly replied, and here we are. A crazy year, the year of the covid. But we didn’t give up. He managed, despite the total lockdown in Italy, to bring out my best condition, not only physical but also mental. We took the stage 5 times this fall!

And I also participated in SUFCCCN, the craziest competition, a cyber show with an impeccable, maniacal organization!

He doesn’t miss an appointment, weigh-in, photo-check, or new charts. I respect Ryan, the coach and the man, for the passion he puts into everything he does. For the incredible knowledge and confidence, he offers. For the concise nature of a few words. But when he tells them, they are like gold. For the ability to team up, but this is there for all to see on Instagram. And I can’t wait to experience that team, with the condition of this 2021 that will be the best ever (until the year to come!)