Janaina Boots Dominates OCB Cape Cod Natural 2023

Janaina Boots of Team SUF wins 2 Bikini pro cards at the 2023 OCB Cape Cod Natural Bodybuilding contest.

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Janaina Boots Dominates OCB Cape Cod Natural 2023 with Team SUF Online Coaching

Fresh from her WNBF Pro Universe triumph, Janaina Boots set her sights on the OCB stage at Cape Cod Natural 2023. With the guidance of Team SUF Online Coaching, Janaina’s performance was nothing short of exceptional.

Her decision to transition to OCB proved fruitful as she clinched victory in both the open and Masters Bikini Pro categories, securing coveted pro cards in both divisions. This remarkable achievement underscores the effectiveness of Natural Bodybuilding Coaching in OCB, demonstrating Janaina’s versatility and skill under the mentorship of Team SUF.

Janaina’s success highlights the comprehensive support and expertise offered by Team SUF Online Coaching, empowering athletes to excel across different federations and competitions. As Janaina continues her journey, her remarkable performance serves as a testament to the winning combination of talent, dedication, and strategic coaching provided by Team SUF.

team suf natural bodybuilding coaching for the OCB yielded 2 pro cards for Janaina Boots

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