Jennifer Holland

WNBF Masters Bikini Pro

I began a working with Ryan as my coach in August 2018. I had just started competing and really wanted to have a program that set me up with long term success in my fitness journey. I had observed him and his team in the past at shows and really noticed how organized they were behind the scenes. I started watching some of his videos that gave solid nutrition and training advice. I also noticed the high level of results his athletes displayed. I was intimated at first with the high level of success but the more I thought about my goals, I realized that in order to be my best I should surround myself with the best. I began to ask more questions to others working with him and decided to initiate an interview.

From the first time we talked, I appreciated his clear, direct, no bs approach. He had a vision and honest feedback on not only my competing but overall health plan. He was prepared when we spoke. I had a list of questions to ask but at the end of the call, all my questions were already answered. There was no question what I should do at this point – so I joined the team .

It was a struggle for me to completely trust the process. Its a slower, well planned out, strategic game plan that is individualized to the client. There are no quick fixes, fast track templates, facebook groups, team workouts, or self help memes. Its all about doing the work, following the plan, being honest with yourself, pushing your limits individually, and keeping your head straight. I feel this approach helped me not only evolve physically, but mentally as well.

I’ve noticed overall significant changes in my muscle gains-which has taken over a year to notice with Ryan- but something I have been lacking my entire life. My overall shape and conditioning is greatly improved. With having some hormonal challenges noticed thru blood work we ordered, we were able to make positive changes to by body. I will be 49 this year and feel I look the strongest and best ever, thanks to Ryan’s plan and his teams motivation.

Show days with this team have made such a difference in my competition experience – my readiness for the stage and overall confidence has evolved significantly. The weeks leading up to the show Ryan keeps a very close eye on you and even more importantly, I was well fed and hydrated. There is also a great opportunity to stay involved in shows you do not compete- helping as staff. This also gives you a behind the scenes look at what it takes to run a successful show, prepare competitors for the stage, and learn even more the details of how to be a top level athlete.

They say everything happens for a reason but I do wish that I had the confidence and knowledge prior to have started my competitive fitness journey with this team. I’m very grateful I have found the best fit & guidance for me . I am looking forward to helping and watching the rest of the team showcase all of their hard work with Ryan in 2020.