Johnny Dotson

Mens Physique World Champion

Although I came to Ryan as a WNBF Pro Men’s Physique and the DFAC Pro Men’s Athletic, I quickly realized how little I actually knew about training, dieting and competing. I expressed to Ryan what my goals were and asked if he could get me there. He assured me he could. Roughly 5-6 months later, I won my second DFAC Pro Men’s Athletic World Title.

While a second world title might be impressive, Ryan pushed me to set my goals higher and aim for the WNBF Pro Men’s Physique title. My second year under Ryan was nothing but amazing. I won my first Pro WNBF Show, top 4 in my second show and top 4 for my class on the WNBF World Stage. Ryan not only improved my physique from previous years, he also improved my posing and helped boost my self-confidence while on stage. Ryan also taught me about reverse dieting and helped guide me to having a better relationship during off-season.

Even though Ryan is a top-notch trainer, the first lady of Team SUF, the staff and other competitors have all embraced me as a member of the team. I appreciate the hard work, precision and dedication that the entire staff put in at each show. In addition, I value the 1-on-1 attention I receive as I prepare to hit the stage. But most of all, I appreciate how selfless all my teammates are and how we’re all committed to see each other win.

While I’m not sure how much longer I will be competing, I feel like I have a friend and a home in Ryan and Team SUF. And I have no plans on leaving.