Julia Kasparova

WNBF Bikini, Masters Bikini, Figure Pro

“I have been a part of this team for about a year after watching it for the previous 2. This is an incredible team and a coach combo. The passion, knowledge, organization, attention to detail are unparalleled. Everything, from programming, rapid feedback, fantastic content both available to public and in the clients’ area of Ryan’s website, the peaking protocols and show day protocols blew my mind and I am not easily impressed. As an athlete, all one has to do is their job – everything else has been thought of, planned, prepared and managed. The show day experience is a whole another level. Ryan is incredibly invested in his athletes and not only in their performance but their health and longevity. He cares equally passionately both for superstars on his team and those making incremental improvements. As a someone on the more “mature” side with occasional limitations, he was able to put together protocols to work within my capacity when that was limited and still succeed and get back on the winning track. And he pushed me to work so much harder than I thought I could once I was physically capable of it.  I can’t say enough good things about team SUF!