Kimberly Visalli

WNBF Masters Bikini Pro

Joining Team SUF in 2017 was a major turnaround in my fitness career. Competing since 2012 I wasn’t making any progress with my coach at the time. Seeing Team Suf’s operation backstage, all of their strong wins and placements, I wanted to be a part of their team. After reaching out to Ryan, he gave me the steering wheel to guide me through my macro plan, something I had never done before. I learned how to make food choices that worked for me and became confident in doing so. His detailed workout plans have helped me develop a stronger physique for me year after year.

2017 was the first year for me that I finally took home 2 trophies, and every year since I have had strong placements. There is one goal I have had since joining TeamSuf. When an athlete wins their Pro Card, Ryan gets on stage and does his signature pose, holding up the athlete’s hand and points at them. I wanted that picture and worked hard year after year to make that happen. In my last competition in 2019, that dream came true, I earned my Masters Bikini Pro card, and I finally have that picture!

All of these placements and wins, would not have happened if it wasn’t for the TeamSuf staff. Arriving show day, you don’€™t have to worry about a thing, it is all done for you. The stress is taken off your shoulders. From hair to makeup, tan, to perfecting your posing. Also making sure you eat exactly when you need to. There is no other team that gives you the time and attention to get you ready for your show than Team SUf.

As I enter my 4th Year with Ryan, I am looking forward to seeing what 2021 has in store for us.