Mackenzie Miller

INBF Figure, Bikini Star

I can’t begin to explain how amazing it is working with Ryan and the Team SUF Staff. My first prep and competition season was difficult because my body wasn’€™t always cooperating but Ryan made me feel at ease and made the necessary adjustments to make sure I was ready to step on stage come show day. He put my overall health and wellness first and never allowed me to get down on myself. Whether it was adjusting my plan, posing sessions, Shauna making me the most amazing suits or knowing I had nothing to worry about come show day, Ryan and the team covered it all. The best part of being part of Team SUF is the show day experience. All I did was show up and everything else was taken care of, tans, meals, posing, hair, makeup, you name it they took care of it. Not only was I taken care of behind the scenes but once I hit the stage Ryan was front and center coaching me through it all and helped me make adjustments as needed. Show day is run like well oiled machine and I can say with full confidence that there is no other coach or team out there like Ryan and Team SUF.