Marlon Borland

OCB Men's Physique Pro

I have always been passionate about fitness, but it wasn’t until I met Ryan through Nicholas Senande in 2019 that I discovered my love for the sport of bodybuilding. Ryan’s guidance not only helped me with my training, but also with my nutrition, making it a fun game to hit my macros, monitor my micro-nutrients, and supplement when necessary to hit my targets.

Unfortunately, 2020 brought unexpected challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic. My entire family was affected, and I was on the verge of giving up on both my fitness journey and life. However, Ryan stepped up and provided daily support, checking in on me, and guiding me through the dark times by providing me the right questions to check in on both my parents’ hospital stays. One made it home and the other didn’t make it.

After finding peace towards the end of 2021, I slowly began training my mind and body. I reached out to Ryan in January 2023 to resume my fitness journey. This time, my goal was not to compete against others, but to prove to myself that I could be the best version of myself despite the circumstances.

With Ryan’s continued support, I competed in two shows in May 2023, earning first place in both my novice and open class for my first show, earning first place in my open class for my second show, and earning my OCB pro card. His passion for his clients is unmatched, and I couldn’t have achieved my pro card without his guidance.

Ryan is not an average coach, he genuinely cares about his clients and their success. I’m looking forward to a bright future in this sport working with Ryan as I continue my fitness journey.