Megan Maclure

WNBF Figure, Fitbody Pro

Since 2017 I have gone to show after show and watched TEAM SUF in action. I watched in awe not knowing who these people were but wanting to be apart of everything that they were doing. At every show I heard this voice in the audience that became my focus when I was on stage. I saw this guy working with each of the athletes before they went on stage. I saw an incredible set up and witnessed so many amazing athletes having the best time at these shows. I soon came across several athletes on social media that inspired me. As I started paying attention to their posts one after another they mentioned the same person sci_unison_fitness; it was Ryan; he was the common denominator associated with all of these athletes. I decided to begin my research and immediately knew that Ryan needed to be my coach. I was thrilled when he agreed to take me on as an athlete and we immediately got to work.

I just wrapped up my first competition season with Ryan and Team SUF and let me tell you….it was amazing! It was amazing not just because I reached my goals for the season but because I was surrounded by incredible people and supported by one hell of a coach. From day one Ryan has been approachable, responsive, and quick to make necessary changes to help me bring my best to show day. Ryan is a straight shooter and doesn’€™t sugar coat everything which is one of my favorite things about him. He is honest whether it’s good or bad, and I have the utmost respect for that. Ryan has more drive and passion for this sport and helping his competitors succeed than anyone else I have seen. He puts each athletes health at top priority. If there are issues, he addresses them…immediately. He provides top level knowledge and is always working. He doesn’t sit back on show day and relax, he is non stop, setting up tech, tanning his competitors, making sure everyone is staying on task, always making sure his athletes are feeling good, helping athletes with last minute posing, sitting in the audience to cue his athletes for posing on stage. He brings staff to every show to help facilitate the show day protocols for each athlete. There isn’€™t another coach that does all that he does. He’€™s a complete game changer. He’s real. He’s honest, and He’€™s the BEST! I am so thankful to have Ryan as my coach and to be apart of this incredible team that he has created…TEAM SUF!!