Nicholas Senande

INBF Competitor

I always wanted to compete in bodybuilding at some point in my life. However, I was apprehensive to do so because of the rampant drug use in the industry.  It was not until I found out about the wnbf/inbf with its strict drug testing standards did I think competing was possible.  I knew I could not go it alone and through a gym friend of mine, I was introduced to Ryan Sullivan at Sci-Unison Fitness.  I had no idea how little I knew about being a competitive bodybuilding athlete and without Ryan I would not have had a chance. Not only was he able to thoroughly explain what macros to hit and exercises to place in my regimen, he offered in-person posing lessons. Anyone new coming into this space has no idea what kind of asset this is, posing is by far one of the most important parts of showing your progress on stage.  Each week we would chip away as I learned the mandatory poses, my strengths, and how to improve on my weaknesses. Ryan integrates camera and computer technology of his own creation so you can visually see yourself from all angles in order to make a mind muscle connection for each pose. Not only this, but he would record each session for your review making it even easier to learn from your mistakes. I owe a lot of my success as an amateur competitor to his workshops and would have never earned first in my weight class in my very first year of competing without his expertise.