Nicole Weeks

DFAC World Champion

I was SO BLOWN AWAY by the preparation, equipment, creature comforts, team volunteers, Shauna keeping us all on a timed schedule for feedings before stage, pre-stage fuel on standby with our names on it, dedicated team escort to carry our paraphernalia, bands, drink with us to the stage (and help us carry the hardware back!), vetted make-up artist. Everything we WISH we had as competitors backstage, Ryan Sullivan made it happen. #TonyStark There is just NO COMPARISON to any other coach or team. And I’ve worked with or know very well the top of the top prep coaches in our sport since 2003 with PhD on the end of their names and resumes as long as a Charlie Sheen’s rap sheet.

I was “that client” who didn’t listen to protocol and used a different tanning product. And it was way too light. Ryan called “all hands on deck” and I literally had 3 and 4 people, including the boss man, working on me with wipes to get the tan off and re-apply a better product….as I looked across the pump up area to the LONG LINE of competitors waiting for touch-ups. I would have been screwed. But my team got me squared away.

We watched what was on-stage right there, backstage. We fixed last minute tweaks in posing with a back camera and monitor. Good just as a confidence boost that everything we have worked so hard for has come together.

The proof is in the results. Measured outcomes. Goals achieved. From programming, training, diet, to the Jedi Temple in Long Island for posing (and selfies with Thanos) to the pump-up area and stage. There is no room for fluff and snowflakes in this team. And being surrounded by competitors who work as hard and even harder than me really pushed me to bring my absolute best package to the stage. #winnerwinner #champchamp #DFAC #WNBF