Shauna Koehler

Feminine Yet Fierce

When I had first gotten into bodybuilding and was preparing for my first show I didn’t have a clue as to how important posing aspect of it was. I was hyper-focused on my diet and training and not a lot of thought was given to stage presentation other than what color bikini I wanted. It wasn’t until later I learned that I needed to perfect how I was showcasing my physique.


Posing is a vital component to your stage presentation and ultimately is what is going to get you closer to that 1st place trophy. Over the years the bikini category has gotten much more competitive — a pretty face with abs just won’t cut it anymore. I’ve learned first hand that your first impression on the judges and your overall stage presence is key. It is easy- especially at larger, more crowded shows- to get lost in the shuffle, in a sea of pretty faces, big hair and glitter. Personally, I knew I would never be comfortable using the same, often over-the-top routines that the other women were using. The solution? I took advantage of the freedom and flexibility that the bikini class allows. I challenged myself to bring something different- perfectly polished with the right amount of sass.

Upon joining Team SUF, Ryan and I set out on our mission to perfect the ‘look’ of bikini. Together we combined our visions, we mapped out the blueprint and got to work. After countless hours of practice, competing as an amateur, a professional, and observing at local shows I can confidently say we know what works. Since 2015, Ryan and I were able to not only fine-tune my physique but master my overall stage presence, earning my pro card, multiple pro wins, and two back-to-back overall world titles. Our mission to come in and be undeniable was accomplished.

Sci-Unison Fitness Elite Posing Clinic (SUF-EPC) will give you the tools needed to showcase your fierce, feminine physique. There is NOTHING generic about SUF-EPC. Just as each athlete needs a specific diet and training plan, each athlete needs a posing routine strategized around maximizing their strengths and minimizing their flaws. In addition to covering the basic fundamentals of posing I will ensure that you will have a routine tailored to match your personality as well as compliment your body-type. You will not step on stage feeling unsure. You will walk out there ready to execute.