Stephanie Cain

WNBF Figure/Fitbody Pro. DFAC World Champ

I was less than two years into competing and had already earned my pro card when I was looking for a coach who could take me to the next level.
This is when I realized that the top notch natural competitors I had been following since the beginning of my competition journey all had one thing in common: their coach was Ryan Sullivan, brain of team SUF.

After a phone consultation with him it was a no brainer for me that I’d trust him with my future competition plans. We set a goal of winning one pro show for that year. We accomplished exactly that at first attempt and because the working dynamics with Ryan were so great and I felt in good hands and at my best physical shape we continued on to do 4 more shows, and not only did I place first at 3 of them but I also won a world title which was way beyond what I had in mind for that season.

The effort, support and expertise with Ryan was unmatched and remained at the highest level throughout the entire season.

My favorite part about having joined SUF is that we are a TEAM besides bodybuilding technically being an individual sport. Ryan and Shauna give everything for their clients, when they get together backstage for the competitions it feels like a big family where everybody helps and supports you!

I continued working with Ryan after competition season in order to finally find balance in my off season and avoid going into binge eating cycles. Overall joining team SUF has truly been the single best decision in my fitness journey.