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Sci-Unison Fitness Elite Posing Clinic (SUF-EPC) will give you the tools needed to showcase your physique in the best possible manner. There is NOTHING generic about SUF-EPC. Just as each athlete needs a specific diet and training plan, each athlete needs a posing routine strategized around maximizing their strengths and minimizing their flaws. In addition to covering the basic fundamentals of posing I will ensure that you will have a routine tailored to match your personality as well as compliment your body-type. You will not step on stage feeling unsure. You will walk out there ready to execute.


posing Coaches

Ryan Sullivan

Posing Coach
Head Coach of Team SUF. Posing coach for Bodybuilding, Men's Physique, Figure, and Fitbody

Shauna Koehler

Posing Coach
2x WNBF Bikini Overall World Champion. Virtual bikini posing coach for Team SUF.

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