Suzette Monteiro

WNBF Women's Bodybuilding Pro

I started working with Ryan Sullivan in the spring of 2021 in my off-season. As a Pro Bodybuilder, I realized that where I struggled the most was improving in my off-season. I watched in envy as I saw his clients always seemed to keep their shit together and always improved with every season they stepped on stage. I wanted someone who would push me, tell me the things I probably didn’€™t want to hear and see the potential I saw in myself if only I had some real direction. I appreciated immediately his direct approach, his knowledge and expertise, his focus on an athlete’s well-being, his constant communication, and the level of intensity in his programming. His Aries program is like no other and makes following your program so easy and transparent. Adjustments were made to take into account my previous injuries and steps were taken to ensure my lab work was addressed throughout my prep to keep my training optimally with my health taking top priority. I found his posing video critiques so incredibly helpful and unlike any other posing instruction I had ever received. I loved that his enthusiasm for me to do well during my comp season was equally matched with my own and pushed me to be my very best. On show day nothing compares to the attention to detail that Ryan and his team bring. You feel as if you are the only athlete there being tended to just before you step on stage which makes for such a stress-free experience. I am incredibly pleased with how well I did in my first season on team SUF and look forward to many more to come.