Aimee Bakeman

WNBF Figure, Fitbody Pro

I don’t trust easily and I believe actions speak louder than words.  Ryan Sullivan and Sci-Unison Fitness have exceeded any expectations I had for what a coach can be.  As I became a WNBF pro in 2016 and began to follow the winners, one name kept popping up  -“SUF”.  I began to follow the athletes who were Professional Medal Winners and top Champions, they all said the same thing “my coach gave me more food, brought me in leaner and I wasn’t hungry and miserable the entire prep”.  I reached out to Ryan in December of 2018 when I decided I wanted to take being Professional to the next level.

I wanted to transform in ways to take home a Gold Medal and feel deserving of standing on the World stage.  We decided to work together, and this was one of the most important decisions I have made in my lifetime.  Ryan is the fiercest, most loyal, hardworking and responsible coach I have ever experienced.   He guided me through a 28 week prep; through 4 shows over 4 months with a focus on health, progress and hard work.

He is honest, dedicated and deeply committed to the health and success of his athletes.  Early in training I identified fatigue while training, something other coaches, doctors, friends, athletes had said was a normal part of being a female athlete.

Ryan requested that I have some blood work done to ensure that my body was physically healthy enough to do what we were asking of it.  What resulted was finding a huge imbalance which had caused 30 years of physical and emotional pain and unnecessary medication. Once this was addressed my life changed in ways I couldn’t imagine.  I feel rested for the first time in years, I am strong in the gym and in my relationships.  My mood is balanced.  I was hardly hungry in the 28 total weeks of prep over 2019.  That in itself was an amazing gift.

But Ryan also supported me to have my most successful competition season to date:  Two 1st Place Figure Tall ;  Overall Open Figure PRO CARD; 1st Place Women’s Master’s Bodybuilding; 2nd Place Women’s Open Bodybuilding;  First Place PRO Fit Body; 3rd Place PRO Master’s Figure; 6th in PRO Fit Body at WNBF Worlds 2019.  My physical transformation was a physique I didn’t think was possible at 138 lbs 18% body fat to 117 lbs and sub 9% body fat at last stage appearance.  If you want a coach who’s ACTIONS are worthy of TRUST that they have your longevity as a competitor and human being as a top priority along with success,  reach out to Ryan. It will change your life.