Coach R. Sullivan

Natural Bodybuilding Coach specializing in OCB, WNBF, ANBF, and USBF
natural bodybuilding coach Ryan Sullivan of Team SUF Competition Arsenal

The harder you work, the harder I work. And I am Never Outworked.

I am a natural bodybuilding coach that is straight forward and to the point. There is no bullshit, and I tell it how it is. I put in a lot of work as a coach and I like when the athletes put in the work as well. 

This is the team to come to if you are looking to excel, evolve, and to win. However, I am not in the business of guaranteeing wins. Anyone who is, is a liar. You just never know with certain things with this sport. But what I do know is that Team SUF will give you the best chances of winning, and more importantly, maximizing your own individual potential. 

I am not a natural bodybuilding coach that sits and plays around on social media all day, and especially on show day. I don’t show up to any shows in nice clothes and sit in the crowd and socialize all day. I am about doing the work, and getting the job done right from start to very finish. 

My approaches have been evidence based since before it became cool to list it in your IG profile. But I also believe in practicality and following what works, and what WINS. 

I Believe in bringing natural bodybuilding coaching to the next level

I place a strong emphasis on blood work and monitoring my athletes overall health. I seek to optimize my athletes for maximum performance and to be able to handle the long haul. 

This team is not a sorority, so if you are looking for that, go someplace else. We are a tight group who support each other, just minus all the high school baby bullshit. 

If you cannot handle constructive criticism and insight that will enable you to improve, then go somewhere else. I am looking for coach-able athletes, not snowflakes who need their hands held and a compliment and praise for everything they do. 

It’s my strong belief that open and true communication is the backbone of a positive coach/client relationship. Be fair, open, honest, and respectful of me, and you will have not only a great coach, but a strong and loyal ally. 

Standing up for the athletes position whenever they are wronged is also a major part of my platform. I have never been, nor ever will be a corporate shill who tows the line and never speaks truth to power. The athletes are the REAL power, the athletes hire me, so therefore I represent the athletes.  

The track record, resume, and reputation of Team SUF all serve as proof in the quality, efficiency, and capability of this system to bring athletes to their absolute best. So now it is your decision to make. 

Natural Bodybuilding coach Ryan Sullivan works on competitor programs

He is smart, knowledgeable, tough, to the point, caring, supportive and an amazing coach and friend. I couldn’t imagine being with another coach for competing or even just as a lifestyle client.

- Allison K.

Joining Ryans team is by far one decision I’ll always be glad I made. With Ryan’s knowledge I was able to transform my body and my overall health.

- Stephanie H.

Working and competing with Ryan has made me a better competitor. I have more confidence and way more knowledge on what it takes to commit and fully be prepared to compete and be successful.

Shavonne T.

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