Melissa McKay

WNBF Bikini Pro

In February, I was referred to Ryan at SUF, a natural bodybuilding coach, by the 2021 World Champ of WNBF Bikini. For years, Ryan has shaped and transformed undeniable athlete’s. I wanted to be one of those athletes. With Pride, I can say that I AM one of those Pro WNBF Bikini athletes after only a short season with Ryan. 

Ryan’s remarkable coaching style can be described as direct and effective, without all the fluff and hand holding. His directions are clear and he is approachable for any questions.

Ryan’s coaching application is simple to use and covers everything including daily tasks, cardio,  macros  and so much more! My first impression in using the app was “this is super specific without me having to type an explanation. User friendly. “ 

Coming to the team as an amateur competitor, Ryan and his battalion of assistants made sure on show day that every need was met and my random questions answered. This team is efficient and they execute the plan set forth by their leader which to me, is the highest form of Respect. A bodybuilding competition can take unexpected turns in a short period of time. The team is respectful, diligent, punctual and flexible. Gratefully, the teams posing coach Shauna works her own miracles and magic from behind the curtain. She accepted this “challenged poser” with enthusiasm and grace and made her schedule flexible to meet my own.

It makes me very happy to be a part of the SUF team of athletes and I look forward to seeing what “Masterpiece” Ryan and I can form in Unison.

Natural Bodybuilding Coach Testimonial