Rochele Higgins

WNBF Fitbody Pro

I have been training with Ryan since August of 2020 with the goal of getting on stage in the Fall of 2021. When we started we decided that slow and steady was the path we would take. Ryan’s program is all inclusive. Daily macro planning, strength and cardio daily plans that changed monthly or bi-monthly depending on where we were in the cycle and constant communication made following his direction extremely easy and straight forward. One of the most important things that sets him apart is that his response time is unprecedented. It did not matter what Ryan had going on and believe me, it’s always a lot, he responds so quickly that it always made me feel important and that he really cared.

When we finally got to the competition season and my prep began I was confident in his process and trusted his vision for me implicitly. Because of Ryan, I started my prep in a great place from a physique perspective where nothing needed to be drastic, my macros were always solid, and I was able to really focus on my posing and the package that I was going to bring when I finally got to the stage. Aries also makes immediate changes and immediate feedback extremely timely and easy. If I had a check-in that resulted in changes needing to be made, they were made that same day and I could see them immediately in Aries. This was extremely helpful especially during my peak weeks when changes were being made daily.

Show day with Team SUF is truly an experience like no other. Starting with the show day protocol that Ryan has in place for each competitor based on when they will be getting on stage. From the moment you wake up, your macros, water intake, food timing, and pump timing is planned out for you each hour making show day prep itself very straightforward.

The team Ryan has in place is a machine that is unmatched and makes the show day as seamless as possible. From constant tanning touch-ups to preparing food backstage for each athlete, the care and attention to detail that Ryan’s team takes to ensure each athlete looks perfect on stage is mind-blowing. They literally take the worry away and you don’t even need to think twice about anything because they have it taken care of 100%. I had no idea what to expect and it completely blew my mind. Ryan’s process and planning helped me reached my goal of becoming a Fit Body pro and I am so thankful and grateful that I am a part of this incredible team.