Shauna Koehler

2x WNBF Bikini Overall World Champion

It wasn’t until I got a recommendation by word-of-mouth that I looked into Team SUF and natural bodybuilding coach Ryan Sullivan. I joined SUF because I wanted to be better. It wasn’t until I started working with Ryan that I realized how much was missing in my programming. The training, nutrition, and posing was all presented in an efficient and professional manner. I could tell right away that Ryan  really knew what he was doing. I was just blown away with the effectiveness of Ryan’s training and learned quickly that if I just followed the plan and worked hard the results would follow.

Upon joining Team SUF, everything changed, including switching to the WNBF. I was hesitant because I didn’t know much about the federation and I was worried that it may not be the look I was going for.  At the time Ryan did not have many bikini athletes but together we worked on the ‘blue-print’ of what we knew a natural bikini athlete could and should be. Our first goal was to get my pro-card which we missed my first season of 2015. After a productive off-season we came back stronger than ever in 2017 with a mission to be “undeniable”. We won a bikini pro-card, my first pro show, and the overall bikini world title! In 2018 we came back for more – winning two more pro shows and retaining the 2018 overall bikini world title. We were also able to earn a pro-card in Figure and Fit-Body. I could not have asked for a better experience. It was a lot of hard work, teamwork and communication. An athlete who is willing to work paired with a coach who has an extreme amount of knowledge and strong attention to detail — almost anything is possible.

I finally found a coach who not only could get me to my physique goals, but truly cared about my well-being and my longevity as an athlete. Ryan truly knows how to support his athletes with smart and strategic training, proper nutrition and supplementation backed by blood-work. Ryan is evidence and science based and never falls into what is ‘trending’. The name, “Sci-Unison Fitness” formulated over 12 years ago is still the core of Ryan’s beliefs today. His client satisfaction and impressive achievements as a coach prove his methods work!

Natural Bodybuilding Coach Testimonial.