Stacie Reed

WNBF Figure, Fitbody Pro

After competing for two years and not feeling I was progressing as an athlete, a friend of mine recommended Ryan and Team SUF. I spoke with Ryan a couple of times before I made the decision to join the team. Little did I know, Ryan was also interviewing me in order to accept me as part of his team.

When I received my first €œnuke protocol€, I was nervous. The plan was extremely detailed and different than what I was used to receiving. But as time went on, it was confirmed that this was not a cookie cutter€ plan and the program was designed specifically for me. A program that pushed me to my limits, a program that asked me to go beyond those limits, and a program specifically designed to make me a better athlete.

I respect Ryan’€™s dedication to Team SUF and the amount of work he does to make the team successful. He is passionate about his team and it shows. And last, Ryan cares about his Team personally and not just professionally.