Team SUF has 5 Bikini World Championships in 7 Years.

WNBF Bikini World Champions. Team SUF Natural Bodybuilding Coach Ryan Sullivan

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Team SUF: A Legacy of Excellence with WNBF Bikini World Champions

In the fiercely competitive arena of natural bodybuilding, Team SUF has carved out a legacy of excellence, particularly in the prestigious WNBF Bikini World Championships. Over the past seven years, Team SUF has showcased unparalleled dominance, clinching the coveted WNBF Bikini World Title an impressive five times.

The journey began in 2016 when Leigha Hervey stepped onto the stage and secured victory, marking the start of Team SUF’s remarkable streak. In 2017, Shauna Koehler continued the winning tradition with an overall victory, followed by another triumphant performance in 2018, solidifying her status as a two-time overall champion.

In 2021, Bronwyn Krause continued Team SUF’s reign of supremacy by capturing the overall title, showcasing the coaching prowess of Natural Bodybuilding Coach Ryan Sullivan of Team SUF. The legacy continued in 2023 with Janaina Boots joining the illustrious list of WNBF Bikini World Champions.

Despite not always clinching gold, Team SUF remains a formidable force. Stephanie Perrault’s 2019 second-place finish is notable. In 2020, the global pandemic prevented championships. Additionally, both Bronwyn and Janaina secured second place in 2022.

This remarkable accomplishment underscores the effectiveness of Natural Bodybuilding Coach Ryan Sullivan’s coaching philosophy, emphasizing dedication, hard work, and relentless pursuit of excellence. As Team SUF continues to redefine the standards of success in natural bodybuilding, their legacy as WNBF Bikini World Champions remains unparalleled in the sport.

Join Team SUF and embark on a journey of excellence, guided by the expertise of Natural Bodybuilding Coach Ryan Sullivan of Team SUF, and become part of a legacy of champions in the world of natural bodybuilding.

Leigha Hervey, WNBF Bikini World Champion 2016 – Team SUF

Bronwyn Krause, WNBF Bikini World Champion 2021 – Team SUF

Shauna Koehler, WNBF Overall Bikini World Champion 2017 and 2018 - Team SUF

Shauna Koehler, WNBF Overall Bikini World Champion 2017 and 2018 – Team SUF

Janaina Boots, WNBF Bikini World Champion 2023 – Team SUF

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