2013 INBF Hercules

2013 Team SUF Natural Bodybuilding Contest Prep for INBF Hercules 1

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In 2013, Team SUF’s Natural Bodybuilding Coaching triumphed at the INBF Hercules, securing remarkable wins.

Cody W – 1st Place Open Light Weight – Pro Card Winner / Overall Winner

Jessica J – 1st Place Fit Body – Pro Card Winner / 2nd Place Open Figure Short

Fred M – 1st Place Open Bantam Weight – Pro Card Winner

James S – 3rd Place Open Middle Weight

Kevin T – 2nd Place Novice Heavy Weight

Taniya B – 4th Place Fit Body / 5th Place Open Figure Short

Alicia C – 8th Place Bikini / 4th Place Novice Figure

Vincent C – 2nd Place Master 50+ / 5th Place Novice Heavy

Cody had a warmup show down in NC. Cody had been dieting for a long time and was looking like a DAMN FREAK ! It was insane to me how this guy was looking. For the first time he gave the diet, and the weight loss plenty of time. There was no stress, and boy did it show. The entire time I was banking on this guy to go pro at the Herc, even to win the overall.  But anyways back to NC. Cody ended up taking 1st place in his class, but to get the pro card in the show you had to place top 2 in the overall. Looking at the video, he def should of had it, but whatever.

There were a few minor mistakes that we had to iron out in the transition from the NC show to the Herc. We succeeded in that and everyone there saw the result. Seeing Cody take that win was such a relief to both of us. When he was announced the winner, I started to cry. When Him and Fred did face to face most muscular poses and then gave eac other a fist pound during the posedown in the overall, I balled crying. lol. Cody Eventually was announced as the Overall Winner of the show. A dream come true for the both of us.


Jessica’s prep went solid the entire way through. It was apparent to everyone that she had grown and physically matured a great deal since 2010. She was initially going to compete in just Open Figure, but I finally got through to her to compete in Fit Body as well. I knew that she would kill it in either or, but by being in both classes increases the chance of the win. Paid off didn’t it ? Jessica went out there and killed it. She looked amazing and did a fantastic job. She went pro in Fit Body and took 2nd place in Open Figure Short. What a day for that girl.


Fred, Tyrone, and myself traveled to Massachusetts on June 1st for the WNBF/INBF Northeast Classic. This was the Pro show that Tyrone was required to compete at and a warmup show for Fred. Tyrone placed 3rd in the lightweight pro ranks which I was extremely pleased about, and Fred placed 3rd in his first Open Bantam class. I was really proud of Fred as it was a very tough class, but I picked up on some things that needed correcting. Once we got back to NY the adjustments were made to his posing.

Once those adjustments were made, Fred began to look like a different machine. This is when the thoughts of the the Hat Trick came back into focus. When he left my house one day i thought to myself “Holy shit, this guy can def go Pro at the Herc”. We bounced him back into his diet after a few days of reloading. Majority if the work was done and all we had to do was make some small adjustments and cruise into the Herc. Fred was able to edge out the competition and earn his Pro Card.


James had alot to prove at this years Hercules. He was coming off a last place finish at last years Hercules. In 2012 we gave the Open Light Heavy Weight class a shot and it didn’t work out well. So this year we brought him down into middleweights where we decided he would be more competitive. We worked hard to improve his posing, stage presence, and legs. The hard work showed. James was able to place 3rd in a tough open class. His conditioning, and color were spot on. There are still some improvements that need to be made in the posing department as well as leg size. He has since decided to rebound and compete at the 2013 INBF Naturalmania. He will be doing Open Middle Weight there as well. Look for more improvements to be made. He will again be in the run for a pro card.


Kevin was coming off a solid 2nd place finish in the Novice Heavy class at the 2012 Hercules. We wanted to make another run for that top spot. Kevin came in looking full, dry and sharp. However it wasnt enough to grab the top spot on this day. He took 2nd place in a highly competitive class. Missed the 1st place spot by 1 point. This was one of the most exciting classes of the night in my opinion. We have made the decision to abandon the pursuit of 1st place in the Novice class, and will instead begin to focus our attention on the open classes. Kevin will be bouncing back and competing in his first Open Class at the 2013 INBF Naturalmania. He will be in the run for a Pro card.


Taniya was another dual class competitor at the Hercules. This was our first time working together, and mark my words, this girl has what it takes to be a pro. She ended up taking 4th place in Fit Body, and 5th place in Figure. However, this was not Taniya at anywhere near 100%. We didn’t nail her conditioning the first time around and it showed. She has a great physique with awesome symmetry, but she just wasn’t lean enough. There were also some posing and color issues. Taniya has decided to bounce back for the 2013 INBF NAturalmania. Rest assured that her conditioning will be NAILED, her color will be spot on, and her posing picture perfect. This girl has a very bright future and she will be chasing a pro card in two classes at the 2013 INBF Naturalmania.


Alicia had a very rough day at the Hercules. There were some issues with her make up and tanning. On top of this we were unable to nail her conditioning for the show. She just didn’t come in lean enough. However, she is a fighter and is more determined than ever to redeem herself at the 2013 INBF Naturalmania. We are working hard to make the critical adjustments needed to put Alicia back in contention in both her classes.


Vincent put on a solid show at his first competition. He was another dual class competitor. Both this Masters 50+ and Novice Heavy classes were hard battles. Going home with 2 trophies at our first show is a pretty sweet feeling.  Vin has great potential to go rear far in the INBF. With a little more conditioning and posing practice he can easily become a Masters Class Pro.

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