2019 WNBF Pro Universe & INBF Naturalmania

Team SUF shows its awards at the 2019 INBF Naturalmania WNBF Pro Universe

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Team SUF Shines at 2019 INBF Naturalmania & WNBF Pro Universe

In a display of excellence, Team SUF conquered the stage at the 2019 INBF Naturalmania & WNBF Pro Universe, hosted by Nancy Andrews Presents in White Plains, NY. With determination and skill, our athletes showcased their talent, earning accolades and leaving a mark on the natural bodybuilding world.

At this prestigious event, Team SUF secured remarkable achievements, including 2 Pro Cards, an Overall Win, and multiple top placements. Among the highlights were Johnny Dotson’s impressive 1st place finish in Pro Men’s Physique and Aimee Bakeman’s outstanding performance, clinching 1st place in Pro Fitbody. Megan Maclure also showcased her prowess, securing 2nd place in Pro Fitbody.

In addition to the Pro division successes, our athletes dominated the Open categories, further demonstrating their dedication and skill. Aimee Bakeman’s triumph continued as she claimed 1st Place in Open Figure Tall, earning both a Pro Card and the Overall Win. Jessica Hiatt joined the ranks of Pro Card winners with her 1st place finish in Open Fitbody.

The achievements of our athletes at the 2019 INBF Naturalmania & WNBF Pro Universe exemplify the commitment and hard work fostered by Team SUF. With each victory and placement, our team reinforces its position as a leader in natural bodybuilding coaching.

With this exceptional performance at the 2019 INBF Naturalmania & WNBF Pro Universe, Team SUF continues to solidify its reputation as a powerhouse in natural bodybuilding coaching. As we reflect on these achievements, we remain steadfast in our commitment to guiding athletes towards success, both on and off the stage.

Johnny Dotson1st place Pro Mens Physique 

Aimee Bakeman 1st place Pro Fitbody 

Megan Maclure – 2nd place Pro Fitbody

Jessica Hiatt – 3rd place Pro Bikini

Stephanie Haskell – 4th place Pro Bikini

Allison Ketcham – 5th place Pro Bikini

Aimee Bakeman– 1st Place Open Figure Tall. Pro Card Winner. Overall Winner. 

Jessica Hiatt –1st place Open Fitbody. Pro Card Winner

Megan Maclure – 2nd place Open Figure Tall

Jaden Diaz – 2nd place Open Bikini

Jennifer Roux – 3rd place Open Bikini

Jennifer Holland – 5th place Open Bikini 

Head Coach – Ryan Sullivan

Figure + Fitbody Posing Coach – Ryan Sullivan

Bikini Posing Coach – Shauna Koehler

Competition Suit Designer – Shauna Koehler

Hair and Makeup – Liz Myers + Sara Lieber

Backstage Team SUF staff – Taylor G, Sara L, Shauna K, Robert K, Mackenzie M, GRANT, EVE

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