2019 WNBF Pro Universe & Naturalmania

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2019 WNBF Pro Universe & INBF Naturalmania Natural Bodybuilding results for Team SUF.

Date: 09/28/2019

Federation: WNBF + INBF

Promoter: Nancy Andrews

Location: White Plains, NY

Team SUF comes hits the Naturalmania and Pro Universe strong with 2 more pro cards, and overall win, two Pro wins, and many other top placings

Johnny Dotson1st place Pro Mens Physique 

Aimee Bakeman 1st place Pro Fitbody 

Megan Maclure – 2nd place Pro Fitbody

Jessica Hiatt – 3rd place Pro Bikini

Stephanie Haskell – 4th place Pro Bikini

Allison Ketcham – 5th place Pro Bikini

Aimee Bakeman– 1st Place Open Figure Tall. Pro Card Winner. Overall Winner. 

Jessica Hiatt –1st place Open Fitbody. Pro Card Winner

Megan Maclure – 2nd place Open Figure Tall

Jaden Diaz – 2nd place Open Bikini

Jennifer Roux – 3rd place Open Bikini

Jennifer Holland – 5th place Open Bikini 

Head Coach – Ryan Sullivan

Figure + Fitbody Posing Coach – Ryan Sullivan

Bikini Posing Coach – Shauna Koehler

Competition Suit Designer – Shauna Koehler

Hair and Makeup – Liz Myers + Sara Lieber

Backstage Team SUF staff – Taylor G, Sara L, Shauna K, Robert K, Mackenzie M, GRANT, EVE

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