2021 WNBF Pro Universe & INBF Naturalmania

Natural Bodybuilding Coach Ryan Sullivan on stage with Bronwyn Kraus after winning her WNBF Bikini Pro Card at the 2021 INBF Naturalmania

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Triumphs at the 2021 INBF Naturalmania & WNBF Pro Universe Show

In White Plains, NY, the stage was set for an extraordinary display of talent and determination at the 2021 INBF Naturalmania & WNBF Pro Universe. Led by natural bodybuilding coach Ryan Sullivan of Team SUF, athletes delivered remarkable performances that left a lasting impression.

Bronwyn’s exceptional victory in both her bikini class and the overall competition, earning her the coveted WNBF Bikini Pro Card, was a testament to her dedication and skill. Meanwhile, Jessica Hiatt’s back-to-back triumph in the Pro Bikini Class showcased her consistency and prowess on the competitive stage.

Hosted by Nancy Andrews, this event not only celebrated individual achievements but also highlighted the collective strength and camaraderie within the natural bodybuilding community. As athletes pushed their limits and reached new heights, Team SUF stood at the forefront, embodying the values of perseverance, discipline, and excellence.

The 2021 INBF Naturalmania & WNBF Pro Universe was more than just a competition; it was a testament to the unwavering commitment of athletes and coaches alike to elevate the sport of natural bodybuilding to new heights. With each victory, Team SUF continues to inspire and lead by example, setting the standard for success in the realm of natural bodybuilding.

natural bodybuilding coach Ryan Sullivan of Team SUF celebrates with Jessica Hiatt After she won the Pro Bikini Class at the 2021 WNBF Pro Universe

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