Deja Vu at the Herc ! 3 Pro Cards + Overall

Team SUF Natural Bodybuilding Coaching 2014 INBF Hercules Contest 1

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Team SUF's Dominance: 2014 INBF Hercules Triumph

Feeling a sense of déjà vu? Believe it or not, the INBF Hercules continues to be a cherished event for Team SUF Natural Bodybuilding Coaching. With a rich history and countless memories, this show holds a special place in our hearts. It’s where we earned our first WNBF Pro Tyrone Robinson back in 2012, setting the stage for future triumphs.

In 2013, at the INBF Hercules, Team SUF clinched an impressive 3 Pro Cards and the overall title, with standout performances in both Men’s Bodybuilding and Women’s Fit Body divisions. Fast forward to 2014, and the momentum continued as we secured another 3 Pro Cards, all in Men’s Bodybuilding. This remarkable achievement not only reaffirmed our dominance but also marked a remarkable Hat Trick for the team at the prestigious INBF Hercules.

Josh Walker WNBF Pro Lightweight– I met Josh last year and we worked together for the first time in his lead up to the 2013 NGA Mt. Rogers. I knew right off the bat he had alot of potential and would go far. We hit the show and ended up in the middle weight class. He held his own, but I knew that the top end of light weights would be a better fit. That day we decided to shoot for Lightweights at the Herc. He made tremendous improvements in the off season to his quads and hamstrings. As soon as I started to see the progress photos I knew that if we could make weight he would be an unstoppable force in light weights. He made it down and the decision we made paid off. WNBF Pro Josh Walker and 2nd in the overall. It was a great sight to see him and his best friend Brandon Barrow pose together on stage in the overall.  Look for more improvements from this champion. He isnt 1/2 of the Legion of Doom for nothing, Hes hungry for even more !


Kevin Terrier WNBF Pro Light Heavyweight – BIG KEV! I am so proud of this guy. I remember when we started back in 2012 for the Hercules. I knew back then that if he stuck to it he would become a champion. It started off with two tough 2nd place finishes in the novice classes. It was frustrating for him and I to see him come so close. We wanted to win. But together we made the decision to leave the novice classes behind and shoot for the open classes. His first appearance was at the 2013 INBF Naturalmania. Really tough class, and I had Kev at the 2nd or 3rd spot. He placed 5th. We were both crushed. When things unfold like this you never know how a person will take it. Some pack it in and quit. But not Kev. He remained focused through his off season and worked even harder. Once prep started we made alot of changes to his posing and stage presentation. The 2014 INBF NorthEast Classic would witness the NEW and improved Big Kev. On stage he looked like a completely different competitor. It was phenomenal. He took 1st place in the Open Light Heavyweight class. Unfortunately he missed the top 2 spots in the overall to win the pro card. But now looking back, things happen for a reason. We made even more tweaks and came in and won the pro card at the Hercules. And he was able to be in an overall posedown with 2 other teammates. So I would say things worked out pretty well.


Brandon Barrow – WNBF Pro Heavyweight and Overall Winner – Big Brandon, the other half of the Legion of Doom. Thanos of the Stage ! This guy is serious ! I first worked with Brandon on his lead up to the 2013 NGA Mt Rogers show. It was here that he earned his NGA Pro Card. It was after this show that we made the decision to try and earn his WNBF pro card and the Hercules became the target. We were confident the entire way that if we dialed in Brandon would be overall winner potential. Our hard work showed. His win at the Hercules makes him the first Dual Federation Pro for Team SUF. This is an awesome achievement and it certainly isnt the end. As mentioned earlier, he is best friends with Josh Walker who he traveled with to NY from VA. The trip was well worth it. On stage Brandon hit all his poses with impactful purpose. It was a great thing to witness. Then he was presented the overall winners trophy by the reining WNBF World Champion Shevon Cunningham. Best thing about it is that Brandon and Josh are both only 22 years old.

I know that I said last year that the 2013 INBF Hercules was my greatest moment related to natural bodybuilding, but I think this one just made it to the top. Nothing to take away from last year, as that was very special as well. And I can say that I was happiest for Cody Wyer winning is pro card from an individual standpoint because he was the first Bodybuilder on the team. But from a Team aspect the 2014 Hercules was simply unbeatable.


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