Team SUF Dominates WNBF Monster Mash


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Team SUF is Natural Bodybuilding Coaching at its BEST

In the world of natural bodybuilding, success is often the result of dedicated athletes and exceptional guidance. At the WNBF Monster Mash, brought to you by Nancy Andrews Presents, Team SUF Natural Bodybuilding Coaching showcased their prowess, leaving an indelible mark on the competition.

Amateur day saw the rise of Kayla, who not only triumphed in the Bikini Short class but also clinched the Overall title and the prestigious WNBF Bikini Pro Card. It was a testament to her dedication and the expert coaching she received from Team SUF.

Pro day brought more accolades as Bronwyn secured victory in the Pro Bikini Short class, while Janaina emerged victorious in the Pro Bikini Tall class. However, the crowning moment came when Bronwyn claimed the Pro Bikini Overall title, further solidifying her status as a natural bodybuilding powerhouse.

Adding to the team’s triumph, Jessica Hiatt conquered the Pro Masters Bikini Short class and went on to seize the Pro Masters Bikini Overall, showcasing her incredible journey and the support of Team SUF.

The weekend was a resounding success for Team SUF, with a total of three Bikini overalls claimed, dominating every Bikini division they entered. It was a remarkable team showing that left a lasting impression on the natural bodybuilding world.

The WNBF Monster Mash Weekend was a testament to the power of Team SUF Natural Bodybuilding Coaching. Their athletes showcased dedication, excellence, and the guidance of a coaching team committed to success. It was a performance that sets new standards in the world of natural bodybuilding, and Team SUF continues to lead the way with their incredible coaching and exceptional athletes.

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