2016 NPC NPC Northern Kentucky GrandPrix

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2016 NPC Northern Kentucky GrandPrix Natural Bodybuilding results for Team SUF Natural Bodybuilding.

Going back to 2013 I wanted to have Nikki sign on with Team SUF. I remember telling Heather Drake at the 2013 Worlds that I wanted her and hopefully she would eventually come over. 2016 was the year ! Nikki decided she wanted to make a run in NPC bikini as a natural athlete as opposed to competing as a WNBF figure pro. Due to her location, and her new found love for NPC bikini, I agreed with her that this would be the best course of action. The prep went great and Nikki is without a doubt an A+ client. Not just due to her physique, but because of her effort, input and feedback. Going into this first show I could tell that she was a great fit, and we would make a great team.

Nikki Robbins – 1st place Open Bikini / 3rd place Novice Bikini 

(Written by Nikki Robbins)…..

So my first show of the season was well one that we didn’t plan for from the start of prep. I came to Ryan a little over a week before the show and said “Hey, I would like to add this show in what do you think?” So I will preface this by saying I was technically 4 weeks from my first planned show. Ryan asked me to send updated photos and we both agreed that this show will suit me well!
So here we were starting peak week for my first show. The week was a nervous one for me as this was the first time Ryan and I had worked together. So about Wednesday I finally looked at my husband and said this is what I have worked for and I am going to let go and trust my coach. This is what he does, he sees things that I don’t see.
Now Sunday rolled around and it was show day, yes a Sunday show. I woke feeling lean and so excited for the day. The show did not start until 11am so it wasn’t such an early morning like usual. So I calmly woke and started my show day protocols. They were doing what Ryan had planned for them to do. I was dry and hardening as the day progressed. The show was smooth from the start. No real hiccups or delays in the day. Bikini was second in line, which most of you know that bikini usually goes last, so it is a long and drawn out day. So now that the show started I thought I was ready, little did I know that I would be on stage within 15-20 mins of the show start. I was rushed a tad to get glazed and glued for stage.
All of the sudden I became very nervous. What was I thinking, am I ready, why oh why did I do this to myself were all thoughts running through my head. Now of all times why was this happening? I am usually not one to get nervous on show day as I know that I bring the best ME and that is all we can do! So I did my best to push those thoughts aside. So we are now stepping on stage, my inner diva awakes the minute I step on the stairs to enter.I transform when I am on stage, this is what I truly love. The heels, makeup and suit just fuel the handwork Ryan and I have achieved over the last 7 months.
Center stage and no movement for me. I couldn’t be more excited at this point. Center stage is usually the best indicator that you are the one, the one that will pose off in the overall. Don’t get me wrong this is not always the case but pretty close. So as the night show approaches I can say with confidence that I am going to rock all that I can in the pose down. As the three of us take the stage I am so blessed to be here with these ladies. They are my competition but in the end we all worked extremely hard to get here and no matter the outcome it was never to beat them but to bring my best! I didn’t walk away with the overall but I am ok with that. I have lost an overall before, its not the end of the world. I won my class against some amazing athletes and the overall is the best of the best.

Head Coach – Ryan Sullivan

Bikini Posing Instructor – Shawn Hector Lewis / Shawns Couture

Competition Suit – Shawn Hector Lewis /Shawns Couture

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