2020 CCN1 Genesis

CCN Virtual Natural Bodybuilding Contest Results Genesis 1st Place Bikini

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2020 SUF CCN-1 GENESIS. Virtual Natural Bodybuilding Contest results for Team SUF

Date: 10/15 – 11/15

Federation: CCN

Promoter: Ryan Sullivan and Shauna Koehler 

Location: Cyber Space

Team SUF brings home some key wins and top placings in the first ever CyberClash of Naturals. 

Bronwyn Kraus – 1st place Open Bikini B  – Overall Murphy Cup Winner

Johnny Dotson – 1st place Open Men’s Physique

Shavonne Tedstone – 1st Place Open Bikini A

Jessica Hiatt – 2nd Place Open Bikini A

Amanda Donahue – 2nd Place Open Bikini B

Rob Kaminski – 2nd Place Open Men’s Physique 

Shaina Deutsch – 3rd Place Open Bikini B

Ilaria Gurini – 3rd Place Open FemFit Physique 

Allison Parry – 4th Place Open Bikini B

Jessica Hiatt – 5th Place Open FemFit Physique 

Kelly Sullivan – 6th Place Open Bikini A

Jenn Roux – 6th Place Open Bikini B

Brooke Park – 7th Place Open FemFit Physique 

The Virtual Natural Bodybuilding Contest, CCN-1 Genesis, brought forth a remarkable display of talent and dedication. Notable winners include Bronwyn Kraus, who secured 1st place in Open Bikini B and claimed the Overall Murphy Cup. Johnny Dotson emerged victorious in Open Men’s Physique, while Shavonne Tedstone took the 1st Place in Open Bikini A category. These outstanding athletes, along with others, showcased their prowess and commitment in this prestigious competition.

Head Coach – Ryan Sullivan

Figure Posing Coach – Ryan Sullivan

Bikini Posing Coach – Shauna Koehler

Competition Suit Designer – Shauna Koehler

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