Team SUF Dominates the 2021 INBF Northeast Classic

WNBF Overall Bikini World Champion poses with two Team SUF Bikini pros at the 2021 INBF Northeast Classic / WNBF Pro America

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Rising to the Top: Team SUF's Success at the 2021 INBF Northeast Classic

The 2021 INBF Northeast Classic, a premier event promoted by the esteemed Nancy Andrews, served as a stage for the remarkable achievements of athletes guided by the expertise of natural bodybuilding coach Ryan Sullivan of Team SUF. This event, held in Massachusetts brought together competitors from across the region to compete in various categories, highlighting the dedication and talent within the natural bodybuilding community.

One of the standout moments of the competition was Yesenia Murillo’s outstanding performance, as she emerged victorious in the fiercely contested Pro Bikini Class. Murillo’s dedication to her craft and relentless pursuit of excellence paid off, earning her well-deserved recognition and applause from the audience.

In addition to Murillo’s triumph, Christine Cullen and Elizabeth Sloan showcased their prowess on stage, securing victories in their respective Open Bikini classes. Their exceptional performances not only earned them top honors but also granted them the prestigious WNBF Bikini Pro status, marking a significant milestone in their natural bodybuilding journey.

Moreover, Crystal Silva left a lasting impression with her stellar performance, dominating the Open Fitbody division and clinching both the overall title and the coveted WNBF Pro Card. Silva’s dedication to her training regimen and unwavering commitment to excellence exemplified the spirit of Team SUF.

Johnny Dotson’s remarkable achievement cannot be overlooked, as he showcased his strength and physique, securing an impressive second place in the fiercely competitive Pro Men’s Physique category. Dotson’s success underscores the depth of talent within Team SUF and reaffirms the effectiveness of Sullivan’s coaching methods.

The 2021 INBF Northeast Classic not only celebrated athletic achievement but also highlighted the invaluable guidance and support provided by Team SUF Natural Bodybuilding Coaching. Under Sullivan’s mentorship, athletes continue to excel, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of natural bodybuilding. As the journey continues, Team SUF remains committed to nurturing champions and shaping the future of the sport.

natural bodybuilding coach Ryan Sullivan of Team SUF with 2021 WNBF Pro Bikini winner Yesenia.
WNBF Fitbody Pro Card winner at the 2021 INBF Northeast Classic. Team SUF
natural bodybuilding coach Ryan Sullivan of Team SUF with 2021 WNBF Bikini pro card winner Elizabeth Sloan
natural bodybuilding coach Ryan Sullivan of Team SUF with 2021 WNBF Fitbody pro card winner Crystal Silva.
elizabeth sloan with the help of her natural bodybuilding coach Ryan Sullivan wins her WNBF Bikini Pro Card.

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