Team SUF 3 Peats at WNBF Hercules

2015 INBF Hercules Team SUF Natural Bodybuilding Contest Prep 1

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The above photo was taken at the 2015 INBF Hercules and is one of my favorite photos to date. So much history, hard work, determination and persistence went into making this possible. At the 2013 INBF Hercules Cody Wyer won his pro card and the Overall title. An accomplishment that is absolutely outstanding. As 2014 rolled around, the decision was made for Brandon Barrow to enter the Hercules and make a run for his WNBF pro card as well. This mission was accomplished and to make it even sweeter, he too won the overall. Back to back overall victories for Team SUF at the Herc was something that I could of never imagined happening when I started coaching.

Entering 2015 I actually didnt have much of a team scheduled for the Hercules. I thought it would be a rebuilding year. Never did I think we could of made a run for a 3-peat. Then Cody put me and Andrew Usoro in contact. As soon as I saw his photos I knew we could make a strong push for this historic feat.

Starting in February I had the vision of the passing of the torch. I saw this very photo in my mind EVERY SINGLE DAY for 16+ weeks. I was determined to make this picture in my head a reality. Then once Brandon was placed on the Hercules poster, I took it as a sign, and had to make sure that he and Cody would be in attendance as award presenters.
Day by day as I saw Andrews progress, I could see this photo becoming more and more of a reality.

At the 2015 WNBF Hercules Andrew’s hard work and determination made this vision I had 16 weeks prior a reality. The force of will demonstrated by this team is incredibly real. A 3 peat truly is a miraculous feat to accomplish. And when it was announced, and the vision become a truth in reality, the emotions that I experienced brought tears to my eyes. It was at that very moment that the relentless hard work from the past three years really hit me. It was such a great feeling to experience.

When they don’t know you, do it once. When the doubt you, do it twice. When they say impossible, Do it 3 times !


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